May 1, 2013

Early morning in bed

The morning 1st of May. In bed with my morning coffee and Mac, and that on a Wednesday. What a good feeling!
 Son is still asleep and husband decided to drive to Basel yesterday. 
So here I am all by myself..... and I find the time to do some blogging.

The last days have been quite busy and the first to suffer from that is my blog unfortunately. I am not complaining though since I put myself in this position.
 I am the one who invites friends over for dinner
 both Friday and Saturday (#1).
 I am the one who says to my husband that we need a lunch in town
 while doing errands (# 2)
I am the one who says that we shall repaint the living room on Sunday (# 3)
And I am the one who decided to spray paint "granny's" old mirror (#4)

What a pleasant feeling when you finally did what you've
 been thinking about for such a long time.........

Have a nice day off!

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