Jun 29, 2011


Our house in Norway is sold!
On the market on Friday, viewing on Monday, sold on Tuesday.
Can't say that the property market in Norway is slow....

More of Norway

Jun 28, 2011

Fjord og fjell

 or fjords and mountains in english.
 We are back in Luxembourg after a extended weekend in our "motherland" Norway. Had a great time with my husbands family. These pictures are from Hardanger which has one of Norway's nicest sceneries. This place is also famous for their apple-, plum- and cherry farms, the Norwegian national costume "Hardanger bunad" (seen on earlier photos) comes from here and also the famous composer Edward Grieg had his roots from here.

 the glacier "Folgefonna"

Jun 21, 2011

Luxemburger Wort

Juhuu, a picture of me (among others) in the Wort, trying to bargain at the church fair....

Well, I am off soon. Will visit one of the worlds most beautiful
 countries (guess which one),
hopefully I will manage to take a few nice photos to show you when I'm back.


Our house is now painted and renovated and an interior decorator has done her work on the styling.
It is now (finally) ready to enter the marked.
Cross fingers for an easy process.....
You can see more pictures here

Jun 20, 2011

Bubbles and wellingtons

Sunday was time for the annual anglican church fair. Unfortunately the weather did not show off it's best side, but that didn't stop us!
We jumped in the wellingtons and the raincoats and off we went to Useldange.
Had a great time (in the rain) with cremant, hot dogs and nice flee founds!

Jun 18, 2011

Feminine wine

Had a lovely evening with the girls and with some wine tasting.
The evening was for women only and the wine that was served was especially picked out for the girly taste. So what is a feminine wine? According to Gilda feminine wine is light, fruity, without tannins and low alcohol level.
We had the pleasure to taste wine from all over the world and accompanied  with delicious tapas.
Surely a nice evening in a an award winning wine store.

Jun 17, 2011

Just booked...

......a getaway with my husband (no children, juhuu) at this fantastic hotel in Palma de Mallorca.
Anyone stayed at Puro and will give me a feed back?

Jun 15, 2011


Helping a friend with some renovation of their new bought house.
The kitchen needs a total renovation and I am on the case!
Think its so fun to help out with tasks like this, and especially since I think interior most of my time.....
Looking forward to see the final result.

Jun 13, 2011

Action evening....

Just me and son at home this evening, so of course we had an evening packed with action and pop corn......
Nice to have the children separated some times, and let them chose what they want to see and eat.....

And off she went

 Daughter is now on her way to Alsace, France, for a 4 days hiking in the Vosges mountains. This is a part of the Duke of Edinburgh  and it is her silver award expedition. I am really impressed of this small group of youths and their enthusiasm for these trips. And not to mention that they carry all their equipment for the whole trip in their pack packs, I promise you it is not very light weighted.

Jun 12, 2011

Girls evening...

Father is in Norway and son is on a sleepover, me and daughter
 had a very nice and girly evening :-)

White, white, white.....

My husband flew to Norway last week to renovate and clarify our house for sale. 
After six years as a rental house it desperately needed some paint, and we decided to do it all in white.
Just love the white ceiling, wonder why we didn't do that from the beginning!
Well, I hope that the house feels fresh and modern now, and that it will be sold quickly!!
Many thanx to in-laws and parents for helping my man with this task,
well done.

Jun 9, 2011

Epsom close ups

I took so many pictures at the derby that I just had to publish some close ups....

Epsom Derby

 As I told you once before I received an invitation for the Epsom Derby a while ago. OMG what a posh event!!!! And so much fun!!! 
To see the royal family, the women in nice dresses and (some with) crazy hats, the men in black, it all made a big impact on me. 
And as long as we won on our bets it was great.....
(yes, we also lost, not so great)

Jun 7, 2011

I am back...

.... from a fantastic and exciting weekend in London! 
Haven't been in London for 20 years so this was absolutely on time!
(and I want a return ticket)
in short words:

great weather
kings road
good friend
bluebird restaurant
musical "chicago"
the tube
covent garden