Nov 29, 2013

The Movengers

November is almost over and so are the mustaches of my two men in the house. My son came home and showed me this video made by his teachers and friends at St. George's Int. School in Luxembourg.
Absolutely fabulous.........

Ps. I hope December will be at better "blog" month for me than November was

Oct 21, 2013

What am I doing??

I am proud to announce that I'm now a partner in qiphome.
Qiphome stands for quality interior products, and is an online market place for designers and craftsmen from/in Europe. Based in Luxembourg and has Germany as the biggest market. And here am I, with my up-cycled antlers and cake stands. Hopefully I'll launch more items at times pass, but for now I stick 2 my to categories.....
Hope to find you as a future costumer :-)

Ciao for now.

Oct 13, 2013

Pick your own plums!

Go to Steinsel and pick your own fruits.
Plums, apples and pears, up to you!

Oct 1, 2013


I am back from my travels. Things have been really busy lately.
After a week in Spain I went directly to England and helped our daughter move in to a new apartment. But now I'm back in Lux and looking forward to fall and a lot of projects. More of that later......

Our Spanish house is becoming more and more how I wanted it to be. A couple of minor things needs to be fixed, but in general I'm happy with how it looks.
The two latest buys are a the head board in our daughters room and our dining table which I am very pleased with. We couldn't have a standard 180 table because the space is limited, so when I found this rustic table in 160 I bought it. Both items are from Maisons du Monde  and I bought them online and got them delivered directly to our house in Spain.

Just a little update.........

Sep 16, 2013

Fall feeling

Had a nice trip to the flea market in Belgium this weekend with my daughter.
Found a few things, among them the vase and the antler. Have an idea with the antler, wait and see.
 Right now: tea, TV and candles, fall is here!

Sep 9, 2013

A weekend in Paris

One of many advantages of living in Luxembourg is the short distances to many nice cities. So when our Norwegian friends announced that they would have a few days in Paris, we could not say no to meet them on Saturday evening.

We started early on Saturday and parked our car before breakfast time. After strolling in the Marais we headed to Louvre where we had the most expensive rosé ever, but it was worth it. Met our friends there and headed to Le Grand Cafe close to the Opera. Fantastic service and food and the interior.....OMG.
Time for some shopping before going back to the hotel, change clothes, walked to Pompidou where we had pre-drinks at the bar, amazing view and and amazing interior just to mention that. Dinner at Buddha and party further on a jazz club.......had a fantastic Saturday in Paris!
Woke up early on Sunday and went out for bunch in the Marais, did some walking in the streets before headed back home to Luxembourg. 

1 1/2 day in Paris felt like 3!
Here are some snapshots ......

Me and my hubby doing a "selfie"...

Morning view from our bedroom at Grand Hotel Malher

Amazing interior and roof at Le Grand Café....

..... and the rest of the pictures speaks for itself.

Sep 6, 2013

Happy Friday and a nice weekend

Wish you a nice weekend and hope you enjoy this video from the fab
Ylvis brothers from Norway........

MAHO - yes please....

I was one lucky girl yesterday when I got a dinner invitation to Maho.
What a place!!!
Perfect from the entrance,  through the bar, restaurant and into the garden.
Had the angus beef with truffles which was soooo tasteful.
If I should say one negative thing it must be that the drinks came late to our table, but that we can live with....

Sep 2, 2013

My Spanish home on CLEW

You can read about my Spanish house on the clew magazine and also take a look on my other posts on the online expat magazine for women in Luxembourg.

A few moments from Spain (and from instagram)

..... and 9 weeks later.....

.....I AM BACK HOME!!!!

Back home to a autumn feeling Luxembourg.
Cold misty mornings, warm afternoons and the colors have changed.
I appreciate very much the predictable Spanish weather, don't get me wrong, but I kinda like fall as well.......

I'll show you bits'n pieces of my summer stay in Spain later on.

Jul 1, 2013


The big summer party!

My grandfather and I having the last dance for the evening.

4 generations

One of the things I had on my "to-do" list this summer was to hold a summer party for my Swedish family. We were 23 adults and 10 kids gathered at our summer cottage. Was a lot of work organizing it, but when I saw how everybody enjoyed it it was totally worth it!

Jun 27, 2013

Midsummer in Sweden

Sweden is famous for more than the midnight sun, the archipelago and the "surströmming". One of the highlights is the Midsummer celebration which takes place Friday closest to the 23rd of June. We celebrated it this year at Råön outside Stenungsund together with hundreds of others. Swedish folk music and folk dance, flowers in the hair and herring on the plate is typical.
This year we were happy to welcome my parents along as well. Funny enough my father has been married to my mother for 40 years and this was his first time celebrating midsummer in Sweden! 
(he is Norwegian my mother is Swedish if you wonder)

Here are some pictures,
happy midsummer!

Jun 25, 2013

Rica no. 25

Here is a great address for you if you want to stay in Gothenburg,

Perfect location, comfortable beds and delicious breakfast combined with Tom Dixon furniture and a hint of Morocco.....

Gothenburg in my heart

Sweden has a special place in my heart. It's my birthplace and the country where I lived when I was a baby. My family is from Gothenburg and our country house is still in Stenungsund. 
Last week I had the chance to take my daughter on trip to this beautiful country and to show here the real city of Gothenburg and not only the parts that we usually see like Liseberg (which is a must by the way) and the shoppingcenter Nordstan. We had a great stay in the city before we took the train further north to my aunts place in Trollhättan. The journey ended in our summer cottage where the boys came for couple of days and to celebrate "midsummer". Stay tuned, more to come..........
Liseberg is a must either with young or older children.......

Haga church in the old town.

The wonderful "palm house". A friend of my aunt got married here, what a wonderful place...

In Haga it feels like time's stood still......