Oct 31, 2011

Mi casa?

Hello, I am off to Spain again!
Hopefully we will get the keys to our new house tomorrow!
Honestly, it has been taking a while from the day we decided to buy it until today.
The Spanish buying process is not the same as in Norway, thats for sure.
Anyway, looking forward to a nice week in Spain and to start planning the interior work and to make this house OURS!
Bye for now....

Oct 29, 2011

Happy Halloween

♡ Wish you all a nice halloween weekend ♡

Oct 27, 2011

Still just 30 something....

Had an absolutely fantastic day yesterday!!
One thing is all the presents I've got but the most touching was my daughters cupcake-surprise. Up before 6 and baked so I could have coffee and cupcakes in my bed in the early morning hours. Touching was also all the nice e-mails, calls and SMS from people all over.

Oct 25, 2011

Tea time

The last days have included a lot of atshooo and tea.
After waiting at a freezing cold Gare de l'Est in Paris for more than 3 hours because of an accident on the railway, I ended up with a cold.
But lucky me, I've got these adorable packages with tea from LADUREE from a very good friend, so that helped me coming through the days.

Oct 20, 2011

Autumn in Paris

Paris is fantastic all year around. Had an absolutely fab day yesterday in this wonderful city. The sun was shining the most of the day and the little shower that came just gave us an opportunity to sit down with a glass of wine :-)
Thank you Unni for a wonderful day

morning in place de vosges

afternoon in jardin de luxembourg

Oct 18, 2011

Getting ready for this!

Leaving very early tomorrow, I am so excited!!!


Had a tasteful lunch today with my dear friend at a new place in town called HaPP. The interior, food and the Icelandic girls behind it were all beautiful (BTW, happ means luck in Icelandic)

Oct 17, 2011

Sunday pictures....

love the fall when it's like this!

Oct 14, 2011

Autumn at the table

Wish you a nice and sunny weekend, and hope you will enjoy it wether you have a dinner party to go to or taking a walk in the forest. 
I used the forest and the season's colour as
 inspiration when I had
 a girls dinner the other night....

Oct 12, 2011

♥ Starbucks

My first meeting with Starbucks was 20 years ago in Seattle (right place or what)!
 One of the positive things about using Malaga Airport is that there are no less than 2 Starbucks to serve you, so of course I had to buy some donuts and buns to take with me home the other day. Big joy for also my children who also are "addicted" to ☆bucks (strange?) 
First enjoy my coffee and then off to work...

Oct 11, 2011

Happy people...

Not often I post picture of people like this, but when I saw this photo of my parents I just felt for doing that.
I see how happy and content they are and how they love spending time in their new environment.

Buenos días

 I am back in Lux after some wonderful days in my favourite country Spain. For once I traveled alone which felt a bit strange since I always have my children with me when I'm traveling. I decided to surprise my father with a visit since he had his birthday last weekend. And ,yes, he was surprised and, yes, we had some splendid days just me, my dad and my mom.
....let the picture tell the rest......

Oct 5, 2011

Pick your own apples!

Should have posted this earlier but it is still not to late!
The last two weekends I've been at the applefarm in Steinsel, Luxembourg, to pick my own apples and pears, plus of course buying their deli apple juice.
If you have no plans for the upcoming weekend you should go, otherwise you must wait to next year's autumn :-)
I, BTW, have other plans for the weekend.......

Oct 3, 2011


Suddenly it says October is here and the nature is playing
 with it's most wonderful colours.
Enjoy the week