Jan 30, 2012


Had a relaxing weekend with friends and family. After a visit to MNHA, which by the way have an expo called "beneath our feet" (archaeology in Lux), we ended up at the Chocolate company by the Dukes Palace.
What a nice Sunday happening.....

Nice view from my place by the table......

Jan 29, 2012


My childhood friend past away earlier this week, leaving her husband and two children (age 4 and 1) behind. It feels so unreal and so unfair.
My deepest thoughts goes to her nearest family.

Read more about breast cancer or make a donation here

Jan 25, 2012

Update "la casa"

Hi, just to give you an impression what has been done in our Spanish house.
In the staircase we had a big colossus that we called "the chimney". We have (or the builders) removed that and now we will have much more open staircase and more light and air. The bathrooms are now getting tiled, the biggest job here was to replace the pipes and the electricity. We will replace the bathtub with a big shower and place to a washing machine.
looking forward to see the final result......

Jan 24, 2012

New hobby....

Never to old to learn something new. Are you agree?
Well, I started a Photoshop course a week ago, and I am hooked.
Now I can make pictures like this. Will I use my skills in the future?
 Don't know, but fun is it any way.......
....back to my homework......

Jan 21, 2012

Working girl

Some evidence that I really did some work on my 1 and half day in Spain....

Jan 20, 2012

Challenge: global chic

My first challenge at NIB (Norwegian interiorblogs) and I came high on the score! Not in the final but among the top 20, which I am very satisfied with.
Gives me motivation to continue what a like, interior and photography!
You can see more here.
Nice weekend to you all


I am back in Lux after 2 (or 1,5) days in Spain. Did some work on the house and had meetings with the constructors. Every thing looks nice and going according to our plans. Will give you an update soon.

It was not a big surprise that our lemon tree was full of fruit, so I just had to pick some and bring with me home. Smells and taste so lovely.......
 much better than the ones in the super market :-)

Jan 17, 2012


Soon on my way to check out the refurbishment of casa espana.
Hopefully this is not how our dining area looks like at this moment.
Well, have to wait and see.
Keep you updated when I am back from sunny Spain.

Jan 16, 2012

A kick in the morning

Daughter got interested in the old juice machine and blew some dust of it the other day. Every morning she serves a shot with vitamins. Green apples and a whole lot of ginger...... super healthy and super good!
You know what they say : "an apple a day keeps the doctor away"

Jan 15, 2012

Ready for some action

Bags are packed and the gear is tested.
Tomorrow off they go..... oh you lucky boy.

Spring in the air.....

Sunday evening, and I am hoping this weekend would never end....

Jan 14, 2012


From my garden today..... makes me wanna start the outdoor season.
Wish you all a nice weekend.

Jan 12, 2012


Good morning lovely ones.
There is nothing outside that reminds me about the month January. The garden is getting greener and even the bulbs are shooting green. The little snow we had was around Christmas when we were in Norway, it lasted for about 24h. I can't say that I am longing for snow, but yesterday I had a meeting at school regarding son's trip next week. They are going to France for a whole week with focus on skiing. It sounds so fun and I really hope they will have a lot of snow. To tell you the truth we have never been on a real ski trip, so this is a perfect opportunity for my youngest to learn how to ski.

And for those who wonder, it is just a myth that
 Norwegians are born with skis on their feet :-)

Jan 10, 2012

Just relaxing....

..... after a relatively hectic day, and before starting on the dinner.
With my new jumbo teacup, witch is from lovely Indiska.....

Jan 6, 2012

Tulips and weekend

Friday again and I have no plans for the weekend,
that feels fantastic!
Lovely to have the tulips back in my house, and with some sunshine outside it could be spring, but its not. Waiting for some snowfall and heavy wind, but who cares......
Tonight I will make homemade pizza and have a glass of red, 
and then....... just relax.

Nice weekend to you all

(and of course we'll send some thoughts to Ryan in Canada while we're eating the pizza :-))

Jan 5, 2012

New year - new inspiration

Hi everyone!
I don't know what happened, but 2012 gave me new inspiration!
I have redecorated the living room, refreshing the bedroom, planning healthy meals, and started my work out! And today I had breakfast with a "newcomer" and introduced her Luxembourg!

ahhhh, sometimes things are just fab .....

(and if you want a sneak peek in my house you can click here.....)

Jan 2, 2012


What is better after skating than some newly made churros and vin chaud.....

Family on ice

Lucky us found an ice rink in France, can't remember last 
time all 4 of us had fun on the ice.

Happy 2012

We are back after a very nice weekend in France.
Hope you all had a wonderful celebration and wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR.