Jan 27, 2014

Hang on!

On my last trip to London I bought 3 art photos of a street photographer at Spitafields Market. Finding frames to fit them was harder than I thought. Well, I took a trip to Ikea, didn't find what I was looking for, so I came up with this idea: clips from a local store! Sometimes simple is better.....

Jan 20, 2014

Langres in Champagne

 How lucky are we to live in the heart of Europe in 
tiny little Luxembourg with all the nice scenery around us?
After nearly 10 years in this country
 and a lot(!) of traveling we still haven't seen it all.

So early on Saturday morning we took the car and went on a little road trip to France. After a couple of hours on the motorway we went off towards Langres, placed at the gateway to Champagne and Burgundy.
With its 7 towers, 7 gates and 3,5 km of ramparts it is classified as one of the 50 finest towns in France. We had a nice stroll in the narrow streets without many tourists. I can only imagine how busy it most be in the peak season in summer. The shops close earlier in the winter season, but we did manage to buy local wine and cheese before they closed. 
A lovely place to spend a Saturday in January.
You can learn more about Langres and its region here.

Jan 12, 2014

London here I come!

I am taking a short trip to London to see my girl. 
The combination of short flights and cheap tickets suits me well:-)

Have a few plans for the next days, and hopefully I will make a nice 
post on my blog when I'm back.

Jan 11, 2014

What's up?

Hope 2014 has been great for you so far.
 For me, the beginning of the year has been better than the end of 2013. Honestly, the last trimester of 2013 has not been particularly great. I have struggled with a shoulder and my mind have had several things to deal with. 
When I started to write on this blog back in 2010 I decided it should be a "happy"blog. I wanted to share my best moments from my expat life with my family "up North". Since I am not a huge fan of Facebook (never had an account there) I wanted the blog to be my channel to share my life with the people I left behind nearly 10 years ago. My goal was also that the blog should be a platform for my passions like photography, travels and interior, and share this with other people around the world who find this interesting.

 I've had several questions regarding what's happening with my blog lately. 
That's why I'm writing this post.
I know that I am fortunate and have actually no reasons to complain, but sadness and unhappiness can hit anyone. So when my body didn't play along, and I felt that my life was filled with negative emotions, how could I then continue writing on my "happy" blog?
Perhaps this post is getting a bit to personal and I shouldn't be writing this, but actually I feel much better doing this. And as I said, 2014 has started out very good, and I feel I'm back on track! So hopefully the good days will continue and the blog will "survive"!

Thank you!!!!