Mar 30, 2011


Juhuu, tomorrow at 6 I am taking the TGV to Paris!
Hope for a fantastic day in a fantastic city!


It is hard not to love this city, especially when the weather is like this!

Mar 29, 2011

Dog life

Had an excursion with my photo class today.......

Mar 28, 2011


How lucky we are that we have the seasons!
I love when the temperature is rising and it's popping up flowers all around us.
And listen how beautifully the birds sings!


Before the concert on Thursday this guy entered the stage and had a warm up round. For us Norwegian that seldom listen to Norwegian radio, we have simply  just missed this amazing and talented artist called Bernhoft.
What a bonus performance....

Mar 27, 2011

Kaizers Orchestra

We had the pleasure to experience the fabulous live band Kaizers Orchestra at Rockhal on Thursday evening. The band is from the same area that we comes from in Norway and we have been to their concerts a couple of times before.
Always an energy kick!

Mar 25, 2011

Tea time

So here I am, at home for the 4th day with running nose and sore throat. Wonder if it's the pollen or just a normal cold. If it's a cold I guess I can just blame myself (or the weather). It is hard to know how to dress when in the morning it shows -3 and in the afternoon it's 20 degrees. And since I am longing for summer I do take bad decisions such as wear flip flops and drive my convertible (which I now think I should have been waiting with to do)
Well, a Friday without big plans and lots of tea is not so bad either.

Mar 24, 2011

um plateau

Before I forget, last week we had girls lunch again. We went to um plateau in Clausen and it is a place where I've been several times before. I was so pleased about the day's lunch that I just had to put a link on my blog!
And it is not a minus that the interior is sophisticated and a mix of tradition a modern.
I'll soon be back!

Mar 22, 2011

Champagne in March

A couple of years ago we went to the Champagne region to celebrate husband's birthday. Champagne is just a short drive from Luxembourg so we should go there more often. We stayed outside Reims at Château de Barive which is a lovely castle at the countryside.

You will find many of the big Champagne houses in Reims and it is absolutely worth a visit. We picked out Pommery as our "tourist destination" which is set on an amazing property and has an interesting history.
from the Pommery cellar
the cave where they place the consignment to Norway
every where around the cellar you'll find huge artwork hacked in to the stone walls

But frankly we prefer to visit the tiny villages between Épernay and Reims and taste and buy from the smaller Champagne houses. 
Hope to go back in near future.

pictures from the pittoresque little villages 

Mar 21, 2011


Lucky me, can still enjoy these beautiful flowers I received over a week ago!
Wish you a nice Monday and a perfect week!

Mar 20, 2011

Grandma's waffles

Do not get me wrong, I do like the belgian waffles. But nothing can beat my  grandma's waffles (she made the best waffles ever). Therefor I am happy that I brought with me the old waffle iron when we moved, so I once in a while can have the nicest smell in the house.... like this Sunday afternoon.


Had a family trip to my favourite nearby town, Trier, on Saturday. Thanks to the weather gods that they changed from rain to sunshine that day so we could enjoy our italian gelato outside.

Mar 19, 2011

Arctic Dinner

king crab and different kind of marinated fish

smoked and salted whale

On Friday the 18th we gathered around 50 Norwgians (and some foreigners) for an arctic dinner. We had imported a Norwegian cook and food for the evening, and it was an absolutely tasteful evening. This is an event that has now become a tradition but was the first time for me and my husband. It is the Norwegian association that's in charge for this event. Already looking forward to next years dinner.

Mar 18, 2011

Côté Saveurs

Once again I had a super evening with the girls and Mr Boulanger. For this cooking lesson we had only vegetarian dishes which was very nice (and light food for once). And not to talk about the dessert which was a bit of an art work....

menu for the evening:

compoté d'artichauts
ravioli de céleri rave au fenouil et gâteau de caviar d'aubergine
rhubarbe et fraises, mousse café

Mar 15, 2011


One word to say about this day: PERFECT!

Daughters birthday
Driving cab
20 degrees

Spring in black and white

For me spring is all about colours. Therefor I had some difficulties with my homework at the photo course this time. After a while I decided to use these two images to represent spring in b/w.

Mar 13, 2011


In line of tradition we burned out the winter this Sunday evening


This Sunday has all been about cleaning up and recover from the super party we had last night. I had prepared tapas or fingerfood for our guests like tuna, salmon, shrimps, chicken kebab, spicy meat balls, springrolls, foie gras, parma, cheese and of course plenty of bottles of champagne.
A very nice evening indeed

Mar 12, 2011


It is my dear husband's birthday today and the mail box has been full of cards and presents, even a flower surprise came at the door today from the country in the north. And the -71 Armagnac is a gift that we are looking forward to share with the givers, our Islandic friends.

Mar 11, 2011


We're having a big party tomorrow so today it has all been about preparations. Cleaning house, redecorate, making food and of course polish the "silver". I am far from done but will now take a break and relax a bit before starting the Friday evening with home made pizza, a glass of red and best TV programs....

Mar 9, 2011


Since I have a project in reportage photograpy I followed my son to his selfdefense lesson this evening. I took a lot of pictures but decided to only use closeups of my son. Guess the grandparents back home are happy for that....

Technique: High ISO, wide aperture, slow shutter speed, B/W because of all the colours and the awfull light.

Natures yellow

Mar 8, 2011

For sale

So the decision is made. We will sell our house in Norway, Haugesund, after renting it out for 6 years. It is to admit that we have no further plans to come back to this house that we proudly built in 1997. Hopefully it will be out on the market during April. So if you are intersted in a house in this area, please post me a comment :-)

Mar 7, 2011

Frosty branch

still dealing with frosty nights, but not for long I hope