Nov 30, 2011


Dear lovely ones.
I'll take a break,
hopefully it will not be long till I am back .

Nov 24, 2011

Moss & roses

Sorry for lack of blogposts lately, wonder if I can blame it on a busy week?
Forgot that I took photos of this beautiful flower arrangement from Eden that our good friends gave us on Saturday evening.
Like the contrasts of the sweet pink flowers and the rough twigs and moss.
Now, I have to work on my table setting for tomorrow, 80 persons for a christmas dinner party, still haven't decided how to manage this.....

Nov 21, 2011

Sunday pictures

Hope you had a nice Sunday too!

Nov 18, 2011

Christmas card

Hi everyone!
I almost forgot something. A few weeks ago I sent in picture to a photo competition. The Norwegian interior chain Kremmerhuset would like us to send in a picture they could use as christmas card an to sell them in their shops.
I didn't hear anything from them and I forgot about the whole thing.
So one evening I went in to their blog and there was my picture!
Ok, I didn't won, but I was mentioned!
Take a look here if you want to see more.

Nov 14, 2011

Reindeer ♥

I ended of course up with spending a lot of money at the Christmas fair yesterday. One of the things I bought was this naive and simple reindeer.
Cute or not, I like it!
(forgive me for starting the christmas decorations a bit to early this year. I know I said that I never start before 1st of December. 
This year is an exception:-))

Nov 12, 2011

Norwegian Christmas Bazar

Hello friends in Luxembourg!
Tomorrow is the annual Norwegian Christmas Bazar!
I'll be there selling Norwegian waffles and gløgg.
Will I see you?

When and where, click here


Have a nice weekend!

Nov 11, 2011

Luxembourg 11.11.11 at 11.11


Had a lovely breakfast in town yesterday with a dear friend and her adorable little 6 months old son. After leaving the café we went for a stroll in the streets, and that was a cold experience! Low temperatures and fog is not what I prefer.
So I went home and replaced my summer coats with winter coats, and emptied the basket for summer pillows and filled it with all my warming scarfs.
So now I am a bit more prepared for winter (but just a bit...)

Nov 9, 2011

Sneak Peek

I have started to plan how our Spanish holiday home should look like.
Hopefully it will be a fun process without many (bad) surprises.
One thing is for sure, the big cypress in front of our daughters bedroom will be gone before next year, the lemon tree on the right side can stay.
Curious on more?
take a look here

Christmas already?

I never start decorating for Christmas before 1st of December, simply because we have some birthdays in the family in the end of November and I like to keep November as an autumn month.
But the other day I saw on the Norwegian morning show that our famous florist blomsterFinn decorated with amaryllis, which is for me a typical christmas flower. I thought: if he can, I can.  So when I found these at the shop yesterday I couldn't resist, so they went home with me :-)
Have a nice day 

Nov 7, 2011

Back in Lux!

Unfortunately our week in Spain did not end up under this palm.
BUT, lucky us received the key for our new holiday home!!!
This week we've been working hard with removing built in wardrobes, shelves and other things that doesn't say 2011. Meeting with different entrepreneurs, making new floor plans in the bathrooms etc made us busy the whole week.
Guess I will keep my fingers busy in the near future.....