Nov 29, 2010

Before and after I

 I've gone crazy again with my spray paint!
I found this old lamp in the basement which I blew the dust of and sprayed in white. Now it fits perfect in my kitchen window, even blends in with the white landscape outside.....

Nov 28, 2010

Place d'Armes

This afternoon we went to the christmas market at Place d'Armes. It was crowded as expected, but as long as we have a vin chaud to warm us and some sweet, we are all happy...


Christmas is getting closer.... This morning we lighted up the first candle in our "candlestick". To be honest we do not have any traditional candlestick for advent. Each year I change, from material to colours. So this year I found this rough and natural candle holder in plaited twigs. The candles are in a dusty, pink beige colour, and the numbers I wrote on some star shaped labels made of zinc which I pinned onto the candles.

Nov 27, 2010


Atmosphere photos from the amazing Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem.

Nov 26, 2010


Can't believe we woke up today to a white landscape and a new teen in the house!
Now we all look forward to celebrate with a restaurantvisit and the new Harry Potter movie.... sending a thought to my mohter in Norway who also has her birthday today, salut!

Nov 25, 2010


Temperature is dropping and I saw the seasons first little snowflakes today. But I do not care, because I have a bunch of new interior magasines and a nice cappucino to enjoy this evening......

Nov 22, 2010

Fleur Würst

Yesterday was the openingday for the christmas shop at Fleur Würst. It is always exciting to see which theme they picked and to see all the nice decorations. I particularly liked the purple decorations this year. It is truly a nice event where they play christmas music and serve vin chaud, champagne and cookies. Oh, I'm so looking forward to christmas......

Nov 20, 2010

Nov 14, 2010


 We have started a bit early on christmas this year. The Norwegian Church had their annual bazar today, and of course we couldn't let that take place without us. Shopping norwegian chocolate, gløgg and lefser plus buying some christmas decoration and join the tombola. Nice things to do on a rather grey Sunday...

Nov 13, 2010


 Yesterday we were invited to a annual vernisage with famous and not so famous artists in Luxembourg. We found some nice and some not so nice artworks, the place was crowded but the champagne was good. 

Vincci Via-66

  Where to stay in Madrid? Vincci Via-66, on Gran Via....

Nov 11, 2010

Madrid in November

I continue my little serial "where & when". There are many reasons for going (back) to Madrid. But for my it is the tapas, flamenco, parks and museums (for my husband I guess football...) Next time we will chose a warmer month though....

Close up

I was testing out my new lens the other day and took a picture of this young lily. Like the diffuse edges around the bud and the colours.

Nov 8, 2010


I just love spray paint, so easy and so quick to make a change!! This time it was the antlers that had a facelift, even the the pumpkin had a makeover...

Nov 4, 2010

Château d'Ansembourg

This is a place that we always comes back to. We love the garden and the maze.


Nov 1, 2010


First day in the school holiday and we have all been out in the garden today. The children have been busy playing badminton and me, I have been working. After hard work nothing is better to take a break with coffee, cookies and swedish buns (tack Åsa) in the sun....

Sunday excursion

We decided to check out the surroundings at Ansembourg on Sunday. And big was the pleasure when we found this abandoned old church (and its outbuildings) in the middle of the forrest. A spooky start on a halloween evening....