Aug 31, 2012


..... we will be onboard this cruise.
Sailing from Germany to Norway, 
a cruise that I won at a christmas tombola last year.

Ship o'hoi !!!!


..... we are packing.
It is daughters last day in Luxembourg.
 She is now ready to start a student life in London!

(more to come in this story......)


... we had a family event at the Schueberfouer.
Me and daughter in the roller coaster (ha ha ha)

The evening ended at the local pizzeria 
(simply because we are not very keen on to much "friture") 

Aug 30, 2012

More from Spain

Here are a few pics from our holiday in Spain.
I am currently in Lux to repack my luggage, tomorrow we are leaving and point our noses  north.

One of the many "pueblos blancos".

The lakes of Ardales.

 "El Chorro"
 Puerto Banus where money talks.....

Aug 29, 2012

Fire alarm!!!

 One evening when we were driving on the motorway we where met by a "wall of smoke". Unfortunately it was close to our residence area, and we were afraid the fire would spread and come closer to our house.
 Luckily it didn't, but we didn't sleep very good that night.

you can see the buildings surrounded by flames.
over 2000 people had to evacuate from the area

Aug 27, 2012

Fish spa !?

One of the weirdest things we did in Spain was the fish spa!
Believe me, tickling, bizarre and fun are just a few words that describes our time in the fish tanks. 
And what a feeling afterwards, all 4 of us came out with "baby feet".

Mijas at night

 One of the nicest "pueblos blancos" in our area in Spain is Mijas.
Unfortunately it is a bit to overcrowded of tourists (many from cruise ships from Malaga) but anyhow I find this place a bit magical. 
And we have found a superb pizzeria with breath taking views, the address is a secret though :-))

Aug 6, 2012

Old finca....

El campo

Sometimes we need to something else than relax by the pool, be by the sea or do shopping. The other day we explored our nearby, rural area.
Found old fincas and a wonderful view over the ocean and Gibraltar.

Aug 2, 2012

Snapshots of what we are doing....

... planning excursions...

.... eating.....

.... and relaxing.....

Adios for now!


Last week when my sister and her family came over,
 we were all playing tennis.
Had a very active hour in the heat, but we had so much fun.
Long time since I did this, but need to show you that we do other things than just relaxing by the pool :-)

(Nice style, don't you think.....)


We are having a wonderful time in Spain!

My internet access is limited but will try to update my blog as often as I can.