May 31, 2011

My evening.....

.....has been fantastic!!!
red roses, champagne, dinner, husband, children....
ok, so our x anniversary .... oh times fly....


From sunny 28 degrees yesterday to this grey weather today.
Couldn't care less, candles are burning, my latte has not been better and smell of pancakes make me feel good.
The children have school holiday ( yes, again) and
we will make the best out of it.
Have a nice day you too!!

May 30, 2011

Old Beauty

On our little excursion this weekend we found this beautiful collection of old cars, to big amusement for the car loving man in the family.


On Friday I took my visitors to one of Luxembourg's main tourist attraction the magnificent 11th-century Château de Vianden.

May 26, 2011


..... no more ash from Iceland, and our visitors can come
as planed!
The beds are made and the flight has arrived and we all look forward to a weekend with lots of fun.


May 25, 2011

Good morning!!

We had 3 of these 50 m from our doorstep this morning.
Baby eagles??
Just had to take a picture of them....
wish you a nice day

May 24, 2011

Red & raw

love what the nature can offer us 


.... in my garden.
I am lucky to have my own little field of lavender, and they are now blooming and smelling so beautifully.

May 22, 2011

Brännboll (swedish for burnball)

our team

serious talk before start

Yesterday it was the annual Scandinavian banks burn ball tournament in Luxembourg.
Of course Norway was represented but not at all in the same serious spirit as the Swedes! We had to bring children and wives in to our team, and the swedes had to make a top ten selection of their (56!) players. Anyway, even though we ended on the bottom of the list we had a lot of fun.
Unfortunately I am in to bad shape, and today I had to pay for that. My whole body screams for a gentle massage!
Have never had such ache in my whole life.....
..... need to start practise to next year's tournament!

May 21, 2011


We had so much fun at my last photo lesson!
We went back in time before fancy digital cameras and computer programs, and we made our own pinhole "cameras". Simply take a box (shoebox is to big we discovered) and make a hole with a needle. Fasten a photo paper in the back of the box and "shoot" your object. Develop the picture in the old fashion dark room, and voila......

 my tiny little artwork.
(can you see the can?)

May 17, 2011

Our day

Our Norwegian national day in pictures ....

Miss you, Norway!!

Today is a day when I miss Norway a lot. I miss
to wear my national costume, I miss the children's parade, I miss the family buffet at my parents house and I miss the hot dogs and ice cream and the chaos in the streets........
Well, we will try to celebrate in our own way,
and for all of you Norwegians out there I would like to say CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

details from the HARDANGER BUNAD, the national costume from the region of Hardanger.

May 14, 2011


I visited MNHA for the first time on Thursday. These days there is a photo exhibition from the Luxembourgish photographer Edward Steichen (1879-1973). I am fascinated how he captured the light and the composition in his photos and also the quality of his work when you think about this is from early 1900. The exhibition goes on till the end of August.

May 12, 2011


The air is filled with flying cotton balls these days.
Not good for allergies or housecleaners....
but I like this picture that I took in Grund

May 10, 2011

I feel that I'm living in the south these days, we eat, read and play outside the most of the time, and I love it! 
So no exception to day.
Grilled fish on the bbq and this old, swedish hand painted dish full with water melon. 
Actually, I almost forgot about this dish. My grandmother (who loved auctions) gave it to me when I was a child. Didn't like it to much then, but now I think it's perfect for a summer day in the garden.

May 9, 2011


A couple of weeks ago I ended up in Junglinster. There I found a shop that had SIA and Lene Bjerre products!!! These brands are Scandinavian and as I am a pure Scandi I love these brands.
I ended up buying this scented candle which I have on my glass table in the living room, but have not the heart to light it, just love the colour and smell of it!

May 7, 2011


Wish you all a very nice weekend.
We will enjoy these warm days as much as we can....

May 4, 2011


This is how my car window looked like this morning!

0 degrees, frost and me wearing sandals!
Hopefully this was the last, cold morning at this side of summer....

May 3, 2011

Yellow vs red

Mother Nature is giving us colour kick these days,
 is it not wonderful??

May 2, 2011


A new Norwegian has found her way to Luxembourg!
 I think she's pleased to be here, but she wasn't very pleased with the colours in her new flat! So on Sunday me and my friend helped out with the painting job in the living room. Out with the colourful "mexican" scheme and in with the white "scandinavian" style. And in between the great work we did, we had a picnic on the balcony, well deserved!

Duck Race

It was the annual Duck Race in Petrusse this Saturday. As usual we were there (important since husband is one of the organizers). We had a great time as always with sunshine, nice friends and a lot of cremant...... and of course the race with 10 000 yellow, plastic ducks.