Oct 25, 2012

Moi? 40?

Believe it or not, but this girl born in -72, has just 
a few hours left to call herself 30- something! 
Having a countdown to my 40s and to new adventures,
I am so excited!

For the rest you have to wait and see.......

Beautiful fall

Oct 23, 2012


Bring some nature indoor.
Love to go "treasure hunt" in the forest and use what I find in decorations.
And it's for free......

Oct 22, 2012

"Fårikål" for dinner!

What is "fårikål" you perhaps ask yourself?
Well, this is without doubt Norway's national dish of all time.
Lamb, cabbage and pepper cooked together for hours till the meat is tender and tasty.
Typical comfort- and fall food.
Even though we've had temperatures well over 20 degrees the last week, it couldn't stop me to make this dish today.
The smell of it brings memories from the good
 old days when we lived in Norway.

Oct 21, 2012

Royal brunch

It was a lovely bunch of happy ladies with hats who were gathered on Saturday morning to follow the happy couple on their wedding day!
Deli food, enough champagne and an absolutely lovely decorated table.
We know how to use every situation to throw a party!

Thank you girls for a nice day!

Oct 19, 2012


How lucky can a woman be?
One of my best moments on my little trip to Spain this week is the sunset at the warm, sandy beach.

Now I am home again, with my family and people I love, with our strolls in the forest in the morning and small projects in our house.
For sure I have many things to be happy about.....

Oct 11, 2012

Marbella, I'm coming!!!

Bags are packed and I am ready to visit my second home
(sorry Norway, but you are no longer my second choice...)

3 weeks old

As you know I love my camera and to take photos.
That's why I said yes to take pictures of my friends little prince the other day.
For me it was a total new experience since I mainly prefer interior, architecture and travel shoots. But we had a couple of nice hours together and I think some of the photos ended up quite good. But be a professional 
children photographer, doubt that......

Oct 9, 2012

London snapshots

We are back after a terrific weekend in London!
Daughter is well settled at Uni and having a blast.
So after unloading our car and moving in her stuff in her flat we had some time to do some "funnythings" like:

Eating at Jamie Oliver's place in Stratford....

 ... feel the Saturday nightlife at Piccadilly....

.... take a stroll in a crowded Chinatown...

... visit the famous flower market at Colombia Road...

 .... breath in the atmosphere and street life in East End...

Oct 5, 2012

London calling

The car is fully loaded and topped up with a home baked apple cake.
Hope daughter and her flatmates will appreciate our little visit.
We look for sure forward to a London break.


The view is btw from our daughters flat.....

Oct 4, 2012


Or just inspired of the sometimes horrible movie "savages" that I saw yesterday (he he he)?
Trying to get a younger look with a new face mask that I bought.
That's the right thing to do on a very windy/rainy day, when I'm packing up my stuff for a weekend in the big city.

Oct 3, 2012

Body art....??

On our little Sunday stroll we took a look at these pieces of artwork by Javier Marin. First I saw the huge "wheels" from the back, but on the other side you'll find pieces of body parts..... a bit macabre but also a bit fascinating.