Aug 31, 2010


I am now sitting at hotel room in Vienne (after a nice meal outdoor with my family) just south of Lyon. Have been driving trough Bourgogne and Cotê d'Or today  (which was actually glowing in the sun set). Unfortunately we did not stop in Lyon, but I found some pictures on my computer from last time we were there. Tomorrow our journey continues and hopefully we will end up by the Med Sea.

Aug 30, 2010


.... it seems and feels like the autumn has finally arrived Luxembourg. I am glad that I served my dinner-guests a warmering casserole yesterday, instead of leaning on the weather and organized a bbq. But anyway, shall not complain, packing my bag while speaking and tomorrow we're heading south....

Aug 27, 2010


Took the boys to the Schueberfouer yesterday. For us it is an annul event to go to this fun fair that comes to Luxembourg every August/September.

Fly me to.....

This ballon came hovering over our house the other day. I would really want to try this one day, preferably over the African savanna (well, can always dream about it...)

Aug 24, 2010


I bought these huge candles in an interior shop in Norway. Now I hope that we can have an extended summer so that I can fire up these xxl candles......

Aug 22, 2010

Au revoir

Good bye Haugesund, Luxembourg here we come

Aug 21, 2010

Wining and dining

Spent my last evening in Norway with these lovely girls. Looking forward to see you again soon....

Is it over?

Had my last visit this season at my parents summerhouse today. Could see that the nature is slowly turning in to autumn and the summer is almost over. Sad to think about that it is a year to next time we will spend some time by the Norwegian fjords. Tomorrow we`ll take the plane back to Lux, but first I will spend the evening with the girls .....

Aug 17, 2010


Yesterday we took a promenade from Haraldstøtta to Kvalsvik. Haraldstøtta is the grave of the Viking, Harald Hårfagre, who was the King that gathered the Norwegian counties to one kingdom, and was entombed here in 933. From this graveyard you can follow a path a long the coastline till you come to Kvalsvik which is a nice bathing facilities direct to the North Sea (and therefor very cold, brrr)

3 m high stone cross, a memory to King Haralds son
Eirik Blodøks.

Aug 16, 2010

Sildajzz 2010

Last Wednesday till Sunday, the International Jazz Festival Sildajazz (sild=herring) was held for the 23rd time in Haugesund, our hometown in Norway. Lovely weather, lots of people, jazzbands all over town, parades and nice boats in the channel, it was truly a nice experience.

Aug 15, 2010

On the ferry...

.... heading back to town

Gone fishing

We really had luck when we where out fishing the other day, we even got a few sharks on the hooks....


from Reksteren, Norway

Aug 13, 2010


We have spent the last week at Reksteren which is a small island south of Bergen, Norway. We are lucky that my parents in law have this summerhouse, which has been in the family for many generations. When the weather is on our side it is truly a small piece of paradise.


I was lucky to find these tasty and golden raspberries the other day.

Aug 8, 2010


For once we could gormandize with delicious blueberries every day..

Aug 6, 2010

In the fjords

We have had some nice days at my parents summerhouse in the fjords with family and friends. The weather has not been to bad so we could go out with the little boat with son as a captain. But now we are in town for some urbanic lifestyle before we head north to my parents in law summerhouse...