Jul 26, 2011

Mitt lille land

Mitt lille land (my little country) 
by artist Maria Mena
written by Ole Paus

Jul 24, 2011

Hold hands

click here to show your sympathy for the victims in Oslo

Jul 22, 2011

I am crying for Norway!

have no words
just cry for all the innocent people involved

Say cheese!

In lack of anything else to write about I'll show you some photos from the famous cheese market in Alkmar, Holland. So if you are done with Amsterdam and what that city can offer (if that's possible...), and the weather is to bad to go to the seaside, you can stop by in Alkmar and see how this traditional market used to operate.
Of course now a days they just act.....
... and, yes, its their famous Gouda!

Jul 21, 2011


Feel like doing nothing these days. Just relaxing at home with my son while the other part of family is working. 
But, had lunch with my friend (and her loving son who's 4 months now) and a trip to the market yesterday. Found out that it's season for the sweet, golden plums from Lorraine, so bought a "ton" of them. 
These you just must try.....
enjoy your day

Jul 19, 2011

Viva España

Finally we have decided where to go this summer: SPAIN!

Jul 15, 2011


After a couple of days with "fever", Prince-fever on Wednesday and Harry Potter-fever yesterday we are now looking forward to a calm weekend.
First day of school holiday so let set the breaks on and enjoy.

Jul 13, 2011

Puro, oasis urbano

Sorry, not done with Palma yet.
I think the hotel we stayed at deserves to be posted on my blog.
The fab hotel Puro is located in the old part of Palma de Mallorca. In the narrow streets around the hotel you'll find nice shops, bars and restaurants and it is not far to the famous cathedral. 
The hotel itself is pure luxury so go and check it out....

 And if you don't wont to stay at sunbeds  at the roof of the hotel you may ask if the hotel's driver can drive you to the fancy Puro beach club.
Just like a dream ......

Jul 11, 2011

Palma de Mallorca

Good morning!!
We are back after a 3-days "lovetrip" to Palma. This was not our first trip to Mallorca but the first stay in Palma. And what a fantastic place! Love the combination of city, shopping, architecture, tapas, sun and beach. What else can you ask for? The old town is so nice with the narrow streets and good restaurants and clubs (ended up in a tiny jazzclub one night with some amazing musicians).
And the cathedral must be one of the worlds nicest ones, where it is placed by the water.....

Jul 6, 2011

Summer in the city

Summer in Luxembourg could be OK. 
And who can resist a lunch like this with a
 glass of chilled rosé ?
Well, to be honest, we just said good bye to our 
two loved ones who are now in Austria on a school trip.
 So what do we do?
Use the opportunity to go somewhere else, to another city to celebrate summer.
 Just me and him, for once without the children...


I found this photo on my iphone the other day. I took it when I was in London recently and I love the atmosphere in the picture. Chicago was the musical we saw and it was very exciting for me, because 20 years ago I had a role in the same play at an amateur theatre in Norway. Amazingly I still remembered the lines ....

Jul 4, 2011


We were not the only ones at the free Texas concert yesterday.
Rock um Knuedler has for us become a "tradition".
Love Luxembourg for this!!!!

Jul 2, 2011

Prom girl

There where a couple of proud parents who send their daughter to her first prom yesterday.
(must say that her real prom is next year)