Mar 22, 2013

Happy Easter!

Wish you all a happy Easter.
It'll be quiet on my blog for next couple of weeks since I'm not connected to internet where I'm headed. 
So forgive me......

Mar 21, 2013


When you feel your mood, energy and body is not in balance, perhaps a real vitamin boost in healthy juice will help.....

 I've tried out different recipes and here's two of my favorites:

1/4 of pineapple
1/4 of a broccoli bunch
 a handfull of watercress
piece of ginger

(great for detoxing and for the digestion)

3 oranges
4 carrots
piece of celery
piece of ginger

(vitamines, minerals and antioxydants)

Serve freshly made since they start loosing the effect after 20 min.

Mar 20, 2013

Quick fix!

Daughter is coming home in a couple of weeks, so I decided to redo the spear bedroom (her bedroom?) and make it a bit more inviting.
Used tape in 3 different colors (colors I found in my new Ferm pillow) and made a "headboard".
So easy, so quick, so cheap.
And I don't have to feel guilty if I would like
 to change it in a month or two :-)

Mar 19, 2013

Nearly Easter

"stillife" was the topic at our photography class today.
We decided to go for an easter theme.
So much more complicated to combine flash, lamps and daylight.
So I think I go for natural daylight in the future.
(I like to do things simple, he he)

Mar 18, 2013

Tower Bridge.....

.....must be the most beautiful bridge in the world.
Don't you think?

The view from our hotel window at Tower Hotel.

From the hotel bar taking with an iPhone

❤ London

I am home again after 5 days in lovely London. 
I visited my daughter and celebrated her birthday.
We had so much fun and a had a packed program.
We walked the streets, went to Tate, saw a musical, shopped at Brick Lane and had great food and drinks....
My husband came over on Friday and all 3 of us had a enjoyable weekend.

Mar 12, 2013

Oh no, more snow!

And it won't stop snowing!!!
Hope it doesn't stop by flight taking off tomorrow morning.....
...but first we will celebrate my husband :-)
Just to admit it, we're getting older.

Mar 9, 2013

Dance night

Had a fantastic evening at the Parc Bellevue last night.
We were lucky to get invited to Comenius International Inclusive Ballroom Dancing Festival. Our son performed with his classmates the famous "thriller" which ended up at the front page of the today.

Mar 7, 2013


I don't know if it's my Scandinavian roots or what, but I just love to be outside!
During the last days the weather has changed from cold winter to sunny spring. And with the temp rising I can't wait to move outside with my magazines, sunglasses and a cup with something hot!

These pictures are from my terrace,
 and for a post I did for CLEW magazine.

Mar 5, 2013

Poor blogging lately?

I guess I can blame Instagram for that.....
follow me if you want

Mar 4, 2013

Look, they're back!

When I had my coffee outside earlier today these flew over me and shouted:
"we are back, it is Spring!

Mar 3, 2013

Mar 1, 2013

Planning your holiday?

Here is a little travel tip for you for your next holiday.
Tanja, an acquaintance of me from Luxembourg, has decided to follow her heart and dreams and has now opened a B&B in France.
I hope I'll have the chance to visit this wonderful place in the near future.

For more information click here.