Jun 27, 2013

Midsummer in Sweden

Sweden is famous for more than the midnight sun, the archipelago and the "surströmming". One of the highlights is the Midsummer celebration which takes place Friday closest to the 23rd of June. We celebrated it this year at Råön outside Stenungsund together with hundreds of others. Swedish folk music and folk dance, flowers in the hair and herring on the plate is typical.
This year we were happy to welcome my parents along as well. Funny enough my father has been married to my mother for 40 years and this was his first time celebrating midsummer in Sweden! 
(he is Norwegian my mother is Swedish if you wonder)

Here are some pictures,
happy midsummer!

Jun 25, 2013

Rica no. 25

Here is a great address for you if you want to stay in Gothenburg,

Perfect location, comfortable beds and delicious breakfast combined with Tom Dixon furniture and a hint of Morocco.....

Gothenburg in my heart

Sweden has a special place in my heart. It's my birthplace and the country where I lived when I was a baby. My family is from Gothenburg and our country house is still in Stenungsund. 
Last week I had the chance to take my daughter on trip to this beautiful country and to show here the real city of Gothenburg and not only the parts that we usually see like Liseberg (which is a must by the way) and the shoppingcenter Nordstan. We had a great stay in the city before we took the train further north to my aunts place in Trollhättan. The journey ended in our summer cottage where the boys came for couple of days and to celebrate "midsummer". Stay tuned, more to come..........
Liseberg is a must either with young or older children.......

Haga church in the old town.

The wonderful "palm house". A friend of my aunt got married here, what a wonderful place...

In Haga it feels like time's stood still......

Jun 4, 2013

A week in Spain

Spent my half term holiday in Spain in our villa at the Costa del Sol.
The weather was lovely and we went in the pool every day, even a swim in the ocean. Decided to travel light this time so left my camera at home, but the Iphone does the job. Here are some "feel good" memories from last week.