Sep 30, 2011

Ben & Pepper

I am finally back after many days with internet trouble. Strange how addicted you become to read news or surf the net! 

Anyway, I had a nice visit to a new shop downtown Luxembourg this week. A fantastic shop called Ben & Pepper  where you can find odd, one-of-a-kind pieces, products from artists in Lux and other countries and fabrics from Tricia Guild among others. 
Here you have a sneak peek of my new fav shop in Lux.....

Sep 26, 2011


Monday again! Can't believe how time is flying.
Nice to start the week  with this sunny weather. Can not complain of the weekend weather either. Feels like the summer has turned back:-)

We took the trip to Bissen and the Vitarium yesterday. Never been there before, but knew that there is more to discover than just how they produce milk and other dairy products. They have this exposition hall where you find 45 interactive stations, and believe me, there are things for any age! Just look at the pictures, guess we adults had just as great time as the children!

Sep 23, 2011

A bit of orange....

.....I can live with.....
When I passed by the "Boutique du Monde" in Luxembourg on Wednesday, I could not go out from the shop without these nice goblets from Oxfam. They only had 2 left, but I promised I'll come back later to get some more (even if I have huge "spaceproblems" in my cupboards and a husband shaking his head).
But I need to support the work of finding a lasting solution to poverty and justice, right???

Sep 22, 2011

Côté Saveurs

Good morning!!!!!!
Had a superduper meal with my superduper girlfriends yesterday evening.
(have I ever told how lucky I am to have such sweet and beautiful friends?)
We started up the autum season at mr Boulanger and his kitchen in Bridel, Côté Saveurs.
 This is something I have really missed, since I guess it is at least 4 months since last time we cooked together. Already looking forward to next time:-)

The menu was quite easy and quick to make:

mille feuilles de tuiles aux cernuaux de niox, carpaccio de foie gras
lotte au tandoori, risotto au lait de coco et citronnelle
tarte aux myrtilles et figues, glace aux épices

accompanied with the perfect wine we had a bless 

Sep 20, 2011

Memories in sand

I am a collector. I collect more or less everything and have problems throwing or get rid of things. And one thing I have collected during past years is sand! Sand from different beaches I've been to have ended up in small plastic bags and in my luggage. I "refound" this sand when we cleaned up our house in Norway this summer, and I brought it to Luxembourg. 
So on Saturday this weekend i found this photo frame at an interiorshop and thought this could be perfect for my little project.
 And, voila, here is the result....

I just glued the sand to the backside of the frame,
then printed out from a Dymo the different places we found the sand.
Up in the left corner I have a picture of me and the children on a beach at Fuerteventura. I printed it B/W but think I should make it in SEPIA instead...
Could this fit in in a summerhouse in Spain?

Sep 19, 2011


"Dizzy" is the feeling I had on Sunday afternoon! 
Had a fantastic day in the tree crowns in Steinfort. It was an organized family day with a bunch of other families and friends in the new adventure parc in Steinfort.
Did not take the easiest route (children's decision) so it was challenging and scary at some points. I was glad when I was done, but the children continued till the next challenged......

Sep 16, 2011


My neighbour knocked on my door yesterday. She was complaining. She had to many apples in her garden. If I could come and pick some? Sure!
Nice with neighbours like that.

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Sep 13, 2011


....I did it. I made my first collage.
Easy, perhaps you think. But people who know me knows that I'm not very technical of me nor very interested in computers etc.
But after trying out photoshop and picasa this result came out.
Rather proud actually (sorry for the Norwegian text, suppose to use this in a Norwegian context) so now I am excited to start PS course this autumn.
More to come (I hope)....

Sep 12, 2011

Apple drink

Earlier this summer we had a weekend in Hardanger, Norway, an area famous for their applefarms. Brought back only 1! bottle of this delicious apple drink and have been saving it until this weekend. Perfect drink when celsius is just below 30, and served in olla's (grandmother of my husband) old crystal glass it brought back good memories.

Sep 11, 2011

20c - 13c - 27c

I guess there are many ways that can represent the 
changing weather here in Luxembourg.
For me, this picture says it all.....

Or in another way:
Salad and rosé wine one day, beef stew and red wine the other!
Well, hope you all had a nice weekend and remember to be prepared for any kind of weather.
(Hmmmmm, already miss Spain)

Sep 9, 2011


When I found these gorgeous and a bit dramatic flowers
today at the shop, I just had to buy them!
Pretty or what?

New but old

Good morning and sorry for the "blogdry".
Had to show you what I found at the attic in our house in Norway.
As you probably know we sold the house this summer and had a relatively big job by emptying it after the sale.
After throwing away I guess 85% of it we ended up with rest in the car that my husband drove back to Lux. 
Among the things that I could say good bye to was this adorable lamp.
It has never been used (I think) and it has been at the attic for at least 10 years! Its a shame.....
But now I changed it out with the cheap IKEA lamp (that had started to melt because of a candle I had placed under it), and I guess it can hang here and shine and show its glory till the day that I can afford a real Verner Panton lamp.......
have a nice weekend

Sep 5, 2011


Garum became my fav place for eating and drinking.
Perfect placed at the passeo maritimo in Marbella it hardly could not better and the food is great too.
And for drink?
I choose both red and blue.....
Find more info here

Stormy weather

Not only sunshine in southern Spain.....

Sierra Blanca

Hi, we are well back home but I couldn't leave Spain yet.
On a rather cloudy day we took the family (my mother included) and went away from the busy coastline and headed up in the mountains behind Marbella.
Our hike went through the pine forest and olive groves and ended up by "the goat" where you have a magnificent view over the coast and Marbella (at sunny days you see Gibraltar and the coast of Marocco).
Had it not be for my friend and her daughter who showed us this place 9 years ago I don't think we would find this hidden, little gem....

Sep 4, 2011

Hasta luego

Packing and cleaning up the flat and heading soon home to Luxembourg.
Sure I'll miss the sun and sea but should be great to come home to our own house after 6 weeks in the north and the south.
I am sure it wont be long till I am back in Andalucia.
See you!!

Sep 1, 2011

Old town of Marbella

For the second time this week we spent a day in Marbella's old quarter.
This charming place is worth a visit with its narrow streets and white houses, and is a strong contrast to the nearby tourist urbanisations.

beachbabe & surferboy