Sep 20, 2011

Memories in sand

I am a collector. I collect more or less everything and have problems throwing or get rid of things. And one thing I have collected during past years is sand! Sand from different beaches I've been to have ended up in small plastic bags and in my luggage. I "refound" this sand when we cleaned up our house in Norway this summer, and I brought it to Luxembourg. 
So on Saturday this weekend i found this photo frame at an interiorshop and thought this could be perfect for my little project.
 And, voila, here is the result....

I just glued the sand to the backside of the frame,
then printed out from a Dymo the different places we found the sand.
Up in the left corner I have a picture of me and the children on a beach at Fuerteventura. I printed it B/W but think I should make it in SEPIA instead...
Could this fit in in a summerhouse in Spain?

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  1. oj!!! så tøfft og kreativt....mamma