Sep 9, 2011

New but old

Good morning and sorry for the "blogdry".
Had to show you what I found at the attic in our house in Norway.
As you probably know we sold the house this summer and had a relatively big job by emptying it after the sale.
After throwing away I guess 85% of it we ended up with rest in the car that my husband drove back to Lux. 
Among the things that I could say good bye to was this adorable lamp.
It has never been used (I think) and it has been at the attic for at least 10 years! Its a shame.....
But now I changed it out with the cheap IKEA lamp (that had started to melt because of a candle I had placed under it), and I guess it can hang here and shine and show its glory till the day that I can afford a real Verner Panton lamp.......
have a nice weekend

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