Mar 30, 2010

Old town of Limassol

Yesterday we had a wonderful day in the old part of Limassol, I guess charming is the word that I will use....

Mar 28, 2010

Happy boy, happy girl....

..... in one of their favourite environments


Meaning good morning in greek. We are now at the beautiful island of Cyprus, and hopefully we will have a great vacation. The internet access is limited, but I will try to post something from time to time. These pictures are from this morning...have a nice day.

Mar 25, 2010


When it comes to decoration I admit christmas is my favourite time of year, but of course we must not forget easter. I can not stand all these cheap plastic decorations as chickens and easter bunnies that you can buy in supermarkets etc. No, when it comes to decoration I am more of a "nature"girl. I like earthy colours and materials from outside, like rocks, sand, twigs and flowers, and I like to do it simple. I also like old things that have a history, and things that my children have made. This is my definition of easter decor.....
a twig with a selection of eggs that my children have made
 (I need to be careful with them since my children are now over that handcraft phase)

a painted stone takes care of the napkins

an egg-cup painted of a 4 year-old, has now the function as fingersalt holder

a tin basket filled with eggs

Mar 24, 2010

Thank you

I want to thank you all for your nice comments and all the nice e-mails I have received from you. This kind of feedback is really inspiring for a new blogger as me.
And please feel free to follow my blog.... thanks again.

Mar 23, 2010

Another treasure from the market

This old antler I did find on a market, paid around 10 euros for it. My idea was to spray paint it in white and hang it in our bedroom or in the hallway. But since I did not have white paint in the house that day, and I am an impatient person, I spray painted it in black, which was the colour that I did have at that time. I like the result, but the only room it fits in is my daughters teenage room ( which contains a lot of black). So I have to continue my search after old antlers.... is the result....

Early hours

The Luxembourgish forest in the early morning hours.

Mar 22, 2010


Some days ago I had lunch at Lux-e-cosi at Limpertsberg. The food is great I admit, I have been there before. But this was the first time I was there in daylight and before the place was crowded by lunch guests. I was surprised by the details, as this beautiful "flowerwall". It reminds me about the works of the designer Tord Boontje, and I find his designs and this interior very inspiring for this time of year. Unfortunately I didn´t take photos of the ceiling which was also very nice.

Mar 21, 2010

Swedish buns

I have one of my best childhood memories from my grandparents summerhouse in Sweden, on the coastline north of Gothenburg. We used to spend every summer there when I was little, and we still go there from time to time, sadly not often enough. My grandmother was an excelent cook, and I still remember the smell of new baked buns she made, before the rest of the house did wake up in the morning. I make these buns as often I can, and "everybody" loves them.
 nice Sunday to you all

Mar 19, 2010


Yet again we have a tense situation in the Middle-East. A few months ago we had an exciting roundtrip in Israel. We traveled with friends and local people so we felt quite safe, but of course you always have back in your head what can happen. Our trip started in Tel Aviv, Jaffa, Jerusalem through Palestine to Masada and the Dead Sea, along Jordan Valley to Golan Heights and ended up in Haifa. Some pictures I took along the way....
sunset over Tel Aviv
the wall
another wall (Palestine)
view from Masada over the Dead Sea and dessert
Dead Sea and Jordan
the Golan

..... and would I like to come back? I must admit that this must be the most interesting and exciting trip I ever have done. Not only because of the history and cultural point of view, but also for the climate, beaches, food, wine and shopping.

Mar 18, 2010


As I do a course in photography we need of course to do some homework. The theme for this week was movement ( which I find quite difficult but fun). I took some pictures in the car ( yes, I was a passenger) on the roads north of Luxembourg. Here´s the results.

And here is an experiment I did with my daughter.

Mar 15, 2010

Sweet 16

Just had to post pictures of the daughter who´s now growing up. Hope you had a nice birthday, sweet girl. 


I just love fleamarkets, brocantes, second hand or whatever you like to call it. And yesterday I did go to Arlon, Belgium for the market. I was surprised how many who´d shown up in spite of the cold weather. Any way, I found these 6 sets in different designs from "Winterling", that I think´s just adorable, for a bargain price. I will mix and match them, and use them later today to serve the birthday-cake for my daughter.

Mar 12, 2010

Busy week(end)

With 3 birthdays and one christening coming up this weekend, a lot of gifts and post have been exchanged between, Norway, Sweden and Lux this week. Therefor I was so happy and surprised when I received this nice, hand-knitted jumper from my mum(it´s not even my b.d), which I will use when I work in the garden, go picnic or just go for a walk in the forest. 
tusen takk mamma, den er kjempefin

Mar 11, 2010


It´s all about wine these days. Every small or big supermarket have promotion on wine, it´s "salon du vin" all over Luxembourg. I admit that I prefer to buy wine direct from the vineyards in France, Italy or wherever we go with the car. But our "wine cellar" absolutely needs a refill, therefor I was so glad when I received an invitation for the "salon du vin" in Steinsel. I will for sure go there this weekend!

Belle vue

Yesterday evening we could enjoy this beautiful sky over Luxembourg. It was just amazing...

Mar 10, 2010


I just love this time of year when you literal go wild at the flowermarket. Ranuncles is my favourite for the moment, so this week these beautiful "buttercups" will shine up on my dining-table. Wonder which colour I will choose next time?

Mar 8, 2010


Remember my horsephoto? In some way I really like that picture, so I decided to try an experiment. I printed out the photo on a special transfer paper, then ironed it on a piece of linen. Then I sewed the piece of linen on a pillow, and voila... And of course I can easy change it to a more summery motive when the temp is rising.

Mar 7, 2010


I was so determined to go to Arlon, Belgium today for the market. I read that the 1st Sunday every month (ex Jan/Feb) they have a big market , so that should be today. My husband and I went early (I am hunting for something special), but when we came, there was nothing there. Instead we ended up in the middle of their Carnaval! Neither did we know that they had a (small)carnaval, or that the market was postponed to next Sunday!  But anyway, we´ve got a surprise and some fresh air, and thinking about to go back next weekend to do some real bargains.
Ps. This picture is NOT from Arlon, but from Venice.

Mar 5, 2010


Sometimes when I feel a bit homesick or just want to have some easy reading, I go to Scanshop in Neudorf and buy some Swedish or Danish magazines. (Norwegian's still not possible, yet). Looking forward to a quite weekend in my favourite chair, a cup of tea (or two) and of course my new magazines....

Mar 4, 2010

Côté Saveurs

Imagine having 11 talkative, ambitious girls gathered together with one chef, aiming to learn to cook a perfect 3 course meal? That's what happened last evening. We had such a great time at Monsieur Jacques kitchen in Bridel, learned a lot and of course eating our food afterwards was a bonus. We made (and I leave it French, thinks that sounds better):

  • Filet de maquereau à la mousseline de céleri rave aux truffes
  • Tache noire, béarnaise au vinaigre balsamique blanc, galette de topinambours et pleurote Eringy
  • Tarte Tatin et glace vanille

some of the girls going through the menu with the chef

the group responsible for the dessert

Thanks to Florence for the initiative for this nice event, hope we can do it again!
Interested in Côte Saveurs? click here

Mar 3, 2010

Good morning

Today we woke up to a cold and nice morning with a lot of beautiful colours. This is the moon around 0715 just before it vanished. Have a nice day....

Mar 1, 2010


New week, new month, new season! I read the other day that blue is the colour for the season, both in fashion (denim on denim) and in interiors. I have already styled my livingroom for spring, and that in the colour blue! Even my new blog is blue! Luck or what?
The big and heavy candle holder I found in the "cheap-corner" at Habitare for only 2 euro!