Oct 31, 2010


We have now filled up the bowl with sweets and lighted up the candles (these were made by the children some years ago), and we are now waiting for the children in the neighbourhood to come on the door and do trick or treat.... 

Oct 28, 2010


Had so much fun dressing up the kids this afternoon before I drove them to Halloween party at school. Hope they have a fun and scary evening.....

Oct 26, 2010


Could hardly wait to get outside this morning and test out my new present (a 1:2.8 macro lens). The garden is so beautiful with the frost, and before the sun comes and makes it disappear..

Oct 24, 2010


Can not say that orange is on my top 3 list over colours, but I allow myself to decorate with this colour a couple of weeks every year, from mid October till over Halloween. Then I can find my vase that my little boy bought for me at the christmas fair in primary many years ago....

Oct 20, 2010

Venice in October

In lack of anything else to blogg about (cause to sickness, nothing exciting happens these days) I found some photos from Venice. For my 35th anniversary (no, it was not this year) my family took me to this famous spot on earth, and which we all fell in love with. What I can say about Venice : Beautiful, smelly, hectic, romantic, interesting, expensive and just adorable

Oct 18, 2010


Normally at this time of year I don't buy tulips, thinks it is a "springflower", but when I saw these mini tulips I couldn't resist. And I just love my new silver vase which I was a bit sceptical about in the beginning....

Oct 17, 2010

Wine balloon

Lucky me, I finally found a wine balloon at the market. Have been looking for that for a long time....

Oct 15, 2010


It is already Friday again! Wish you a nice weekend, and if you have the chance you should take a stroll in a park or a forest just to look at the beautiful colours...

Oct 13, 2010

A bit autumn inside

I picked these beautiful branches when I was walking in the forest the other day.
Love the little white berries....

Oct 10, 2010


This afternoon all 4 of us went to the apple festival in Steinsel. This is something that we do every year (last year my mother joined us) and we find it so nice. We pick apples (more than we can handle) and buy the "Steseler Wizz" (applejuice) which is so tasty. Sometimes we also buy fresh nuts and potatoes as well, but not this year though. After the harvest we eat "grillwurst" and drink cremant. Could it be better on a Sunday? 

Garden life

We have been blessed with such a good weather this weekend, so of course we needed to do the most out of it. Means drinking wine in the sunset and live the life in our garden. Now we are on our way to the "apple festival", which is a perfect ending of a perfect weekend.

Oct 8, 2010


I've been a bad blogger lately, I know, but I've been so busy this week. I am working on a project that is really exciting and it takes much of my time. Perhaps I will show you later what I'm doing. But anyway, it is Friday and we all look forward to a nice weekend, hopefully filled up with a lot of fun activities. I will enjoy this beautiful orchid that my friend Ingrid gave me, and I also send an extra thought to my sister and father who celebrate theirs birthdays this weekend, which I of course would love to be a part of. But that's how it is to be an expat.....
Have an nice weekend....

Oct 4, 2010

Fall in Luxembourg

I haven't been so much outdoor the past days because of a cold. That's to bad since we have beautiful and warm weather and the colours are amazing. These photos I actually took last autumn, but it is just as nice as it is today......