Mar 25, 2015

A few hours in Gothenburg, Sweden

Gothenburg, Sweden.
The city where my mother comes from, where I was born 
and where I spent the first months of my life. 
The city I have visit so many times I've stopped counting.
And yet I don't really know it!!
So when I went up north last weekend to celebrate my 90 year old grandpa I decided to spend a few hours walking the city before catching the flight back to Luxembourg. Since my parents also spent the weekend in Sweden they joined me for a walk around the city they met over 40 years ago.
Here are some snapshots I took and some tips what to see if you are thinking of travel to this nice place on the west coast of Sweden.

Haga - the old quarter with nice cafes for a "fika" and boutiques 
The canal - walk around or take the boat "paddan"
Avenyen - the boulevard with shops and restaurants that ends by the fountain with "Poseidon" and Museum of Art.
Liseberg - the tivoli and amusement park
Saluhallen and Feskekörkan - indoor meat/veg market and fish market
Trädgårdsföreningen - huge garden and the Palmhouse
Slottskogen - a walk in the park
Öarna - the archipelago

For more info click here and here

Mar 17, 2015

My work went over the pond...

We all like our work to be appreciated, right?

When I discovered my latest post for clew magazine had found its way to and their DIY best post, I was more than happy!!!

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Mar 12, 2015

"Néo-bistrot"..... what?

While in Paris last weekend I picked up a new word 
(well at least for me, apparently the word has been used for some years now)

I read an article in The Wall Street Journal and their definition of the word is:

"néo-bistrot appear to be an innovative, cosmopolitan approach, 
with a refreshingly casual atmosphere and often prix-fixe menus that are 
priced at less than €50 per person"

So, if you are in Paris and want to dine at a néo-bistrot I can recommend

It used to be a bird shop in the early 1900 and the tiles are just gorgeous!

The interior made my knees shaky 
and the food made my mouth watery...

Mar 10, 2015

Parisian "bobo"

I had the pleasure to jump on the TGV to Paris this weekend!
I know, how lucky are we to live in Luxembourg with such an easy access to so many great places!? Need to pinch my arm sometimes....

We had a plan to explore a different Paris this time, set apart from the glowing monuments and historical landmarks that we all know, and headed to Belleville and Ménilmontant. This area in the northeast of Paris is the 20ᵉ. It used to be small villages that provided Paris with wine, fruit and weekend escapes and you can still find traces from that period. Nowadays it's a bustling and cosmopolitan area with different ethnicities as Africans, Arabs, Asians
 - as well as "bobo's" which refers to "bourgeois bohemian" or yuppie hipsters. 
My favorite spot is the mosaic Belleville park with great views of the city. You'll find small cafes and art galleries, as well as the Edith Piat museum and the "celebrity" cemetery Père-Lachaise. 
Perhaps you will "Ménilmuche" next time you're in Paris?
(Ménilmuch is a Parisian slang for sloping area)

great view from Parc de Belleville

corner bakery

the 70 m long passage Cité de l'Ermitage

Since we now are in Paris I'll show you another area that I adore;
Canal St-Martin, 10ᵉ.

the canal

the colorful facade of Antoine & Lili
Clothes for women, children and an interiorshop
the colorful interior of Antoine & Lili
the trendy place Faubourg St.Denis 52

street breakfast

cute little shops and cafes

note to self for next Paris trip

Mar 8, 2015

We ♥︎ waffles

Sometimes the smallest things can give the biggest joy.
As for example the smile of my boy when he smells the scents of
newly made "Norwegian" waffles spread around the house on a Sunday.
After 10 years in Luxembourg the Norwegian waffle iron we brought with us is still regularly in use.

If you wonder about the difference of these 
waffles compared to others, I'll give you the recipe:

2 eggs
2 ts of sugar
4 dl of kefir (or milk)
4 dl of flour
1/4 ts natron

easy as that!

Mar 3, 2015

Want your own shop?

We dedicated last weekend for a massive cleanup in the basement and attic.
I was surprised how much we store and that we seldom use (shame on us).
Many items are in perfect condition and too good to end up in a container.
And since I am a bit on the "green side" and love up cycling and recycling,
 I decided to sell some items online.

After a quick search I discovered this fabulous site

Anyone can open and manage their own little shop,
how great is that!

P.S If you fancy handcraft, secondhand clothes etc,
you'll find many gems here!