Mar 25, 2015

A few hours in Gothenburg, Sweden

Gothenburg, Sweden.
The city where my mother comes from, where I was born 
and where I spent the first months of my life. 
The city I have visit so many times I've stopped counting.
And yet I don't really know it!!
So when I went up north last weekend to celebrate my 90 year old grandpa I decided to spend a few hours walking the city before catching the flight back to Luxembourg. Since my parents also spent the weekend in Sweden they joined me for a walk around the city they met over 40 years ago.
Here are some snapshots I took and some tips what to see if you are thinking of travel to this nice place on the west coast of Sweden.

Haga - the old quarter with nice cafes for a "fika" and boutiques 
The canal - walk around or take the boat "paddan"
Avenyen - the boulevard with shops and restaurants that ends by the fountain with "Poseidon" and Museum of Art.
Liseberg - the tivoli and amusement park
Saluhallen and Feskekörkan - indoor meat/veg market and fish market
Trädgårdsföreningen - huge garden and the Palmhouse
Slottskogen - a walk in the park
Öarna - the archipelago

For more info click here and here

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