Feb 28, 2014


Here is a great lunch place for you if you're vegetarian or if you're not (like me) it is still worth visiting this restaurant!

Mesa Verde located in the narrow, cobbled street, rue de St.Esprit, Luxembourg.
Love it for it's laidback bohemian interior and atmosphere and 
not to forget the food...... delicious!!!!

Feb 24, 2014

Sierra Nevada

There are not many places in the world where you can ski during the day and have a dip in the sea in the early evening, but the proximity of Sierra Nevada and the Med allows this! We decided to try this out during our winter holiday in Spain and for a beginner like myself 2 nights were booked. There are 20 lifts and 100km of piste in Sierra Nevada and weekends could be rather busy so we headed up on a Monday. Not the best weather when arriving but got the chance to find out where to buy day passes and where to hire skies and equipment.
Skied on Tuesday and Wednesday and had a great time! Especially on Wednesday with amazing weather and my confident on skies went better.......
Went back home to our house and the beach later that day. With only 2 h drive from the house to the slopes we will definitely try this again, perhaps only for a day trip. My opinion is that the hotels, bars and restaurants in the area do not have the standard you are paying for, so I prefer to go just for the skiing!!