Apr 26, 2012

Check, check, check

What a nice feeling when you feel you have everything under control!

Table is set
beds are done
dessert and
salad is made
house is clean
food is bought and stored

Now I'm off to work and then to the airport to pick up my sister in law and her three boys!

Hope we will have nice days with a lot of fun, laughter, games and......
Wait and see.

Apr 23, 2012

Sun + rain =

Various weather these days......
can't wait till summer......

Apr 22, 2012

In bed with Mac

Good Sunday morning to you all!
I woke up too early today, 7.30 to be precise.
After a hectic Saturday when I had to drive to Brussels and a back for a concert and my son preparing for confirmation, we ended up at the local pizzeria in the evening. Went to bed early (this wouldn't be possible if my husband was here, but he is on a week long travel so it's possible) and therefor woke up early.
So here I am, in my bed with a coffee latte and my Mac.
Don't think I could wish for a better Sunday morning.

Apr 20, 2012


Super mama fix!
Between two rainshowers, setting a doug, cleaning and ironing 13 shirts, baking a cake and picking up children from school I managed to fix the bed between my neighbour and me.
Feel like Martha Stewart here, except that the only thing which is true is me fixing the bed and picking up children........
Well, nice weekend to you all!

Weekend project?

Ok, folks.
I am not proud of this but will announce it anyway.
We are sharing flower bed with our neighbours at the front of the house.
I guess she (the neighbour)  is tired (or her mum who's doing most of the gardening on her property...) of us and our lack of green fingers. A couple of weeks ago we came home and she (the mum, yes) had made a very clear border of which is her side and our side. So today I have been shopping! 
Now I must wait till the rain stops and the sun shining, so hopefully I will do some gardening this weekend.
Except for tomorrow, then I need to go to Brussels.......
Perhaps I can hire a gardener?
Yepp, right side is mine.....
but not so sure if I like the red bark and the gnomes though.

Definitely it needs a caring hand......

Apr 18, 2012

Girls Night

Just came home from a fabulous evening with good friends and daughter.
Received an invitation to an evening at Pointcarré in Beggen, just for girls.
Along with shopping we sipped cremant and ate mises-en-bouche, listened to great music, tasted chocolate and saw an artist make a chocolate dress!
There where also hairdressers, make up artists and a photo shoot with a male model if you were keen on that .......

Thanks to my girls and Pointcarré for a great, great evening.
Hope it's not long till next time :-)

Apr 17, 2012

Art collection

For a long long time I have been thinking about doing something with the children's artwork. So when the big painting from a Danish artist "moved" to Spain I found the perfect place for my art collection. The idea is to cover the whole wall at the staircase that leads up to our attic and playroom.

Apr 16, 2012

Monday morning

What a refreshing start on a new week!
Fresh air and a walk in the forest,
nice week to you all.

Apr 13, 2012

Before and after

Good morning!
Thought I should show you a picture of how our staircase looks like at this moment. Unfortunately I was a bit lacy between the tasks, so no many pictures were taking because I worked more on my tan.
 But as you can see we removed the old freezer and blocked the hole under the stairs with two white doors. Great place for storage. The curved "handle" is now straight and the gap over the fridge is blocked, which you can't see on the after picture.

Apr 12, 2012

Semana Santa

Hola, mis amigos!
We are back after a rather various holiday in Spain. Not just sun, but also rain, work, wind, flu, pool dipping, work again, not sea dipping and ending it off with hot and nice weather.

One of our highlights this time was the Easter Procession in the little village of La Cala. Not as big and impressive as the one i Malaga of course, but yet a sight for us that not belongs to the Catholic Church.

Here is some pictures that I took on Good Friday evening.