Apr 20, 2012

Weekend project?

Ok, folks.
I am not proud of this but will announce it anyway.
We are sharing flower bed with our neighbours at the front of the house.
I guess she (the neighbour)  is tired (or her mum who's doing most of the gardening on her property...) of us and our lack of green fingers. A couple of weeks ago we came home and she (the mum, yes) had made a very clear border of which is her side and our side. So today I have been shopping! 
Now I must wait till the rain stops and the sun shining, so hopefully I will do some gardening this weekend.
Except for tomorrow, then I need to go to Brussels.......
Perhaps I can hire a gardener?
Yepp, right side is mine.....
but not so sure if I like the red bark and the gnomes though.

Definitely it needs a caring hand......

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