Dec 20, 2012

Merry Christmas - God Jul - Feliz Navidad

This is the little tree we found in the forest on Sunday, I think it is so cute.
We have enjoyed it for a few days, but now it will shine in its glory by itself,
 we are almost ready for take off.
Norway here we come!

Wish you all a pleasant time, I'll be back in 2013!

Dec 19, 2012

A hint of red

Christmas is getting closer, love this time of the year.....
Hope you all have a great time with all of your preparations!

Dec 17, 2012

From Masai Mara to my table

Several years ago, when I was in South-Africa, I met a man from Kenya. He gave me this red fabric and a "crown" from Masai Mara. I kept it for years in a box with other souvenirs from around the globe. I've decided to use it, therefor it is now on my table as a Christmas tablecloth.

Tree hunters....

This weekend has been busy!
On Friday came our daughter home from UNI, so happy to have her home again. On Sunday we went to the forest (great with some fresh air and exercise  after heavy meals and party) to find a tree we could take home. And yes, we found a small one, pictures will come as soon as I find the transfer cable from camera to computer.......

Dec 12, 2012


Cold and lovely day......

Dec 11, 2012

London East End

I miss London but I miss my daughter more.
She will come to Luxembourg in a few days so this post is about my next, future trip to London. (Important to start planning early!)
Many people frown their nose when they hear East End. But after being in London 3 times the past weeks and staying at the East End (where my daughter's UNI is) I must say that I like the area. Not streamline and luxurious as on the opposite side of London, but quirky and funny with a lot of strange boutiques, vintage stores and cafes.
My plan for my next trip is:

 I will stay at 
Hotel 40 winks 

eat lunch at 

and have drinks at

This post is more a reminder to myself,
 but feel free to go on a journey....

Dec 7, 2012

Saffron buns for charity!

I am really in the charity mode for the moment!
This time I'm helping the Swedes and Table Ronde Luxembourg.
So, if you are in Luxembourg tomorrow Saturday the 8, and not afraid of the snowy weather, please come to Place de Théâtre and try the typical saffron buns and Swedish "glögg"!


I found a holly tree in the forest on one of my weakly walks.
 Was a bit surprised to find this kind of tree growing wild, 
normally you see them in gardens. 
I brought with me plenty of branches (used rubber glows!) and made this decoration that hangs now on my door.

I found this old wreath in the garage, pealed of the 
brown leaves and replaced it with holly.....

Like it much better now!

Have a nice Friday!

Dec 5, 2012

Red bedroom

I don't red.....
except in December.
So the only time in the year where I can use my red bed linen is now.
The rest of the year it's pure white that matters....

Dec 3, 2012

Instagram online.

Here are some of my pictures on Instagram during the last week .
I love how the photos appear and how many possibilities you have to change an ordinary photo to something more interesting. 
BTW you will find Instagram online, 
to view more of my photos click here!


Dec 2, 2012


This year I chose a grey theme....

Dec 1, 2012

Salmon for charity!

Not often I'm up before 7 on a Saturday morning but that happened today.
I (and a few other ladies) have been making some hundreds
 of salmon sandwiches for the International Bazar 
which finds place at Luxexpo, Kirchberg, this weekend.
So if you are in Luxembourg these days, pop by 
and have a taste of Norway at the Scandinavian stand!