Apr 23, 2013

Chaos.....or not?

This photo represent my life right now!

Last week in Paris we came across this little bookshop on our search for a map over Paris ( ok then, we were a bit lost :-)). It's the tiniest bookshop I ever been to, but the lady who worked their seemed to have total control over her books. Unfortunately she didn't have more maps over Paris though (or perhaps she did without knowing?)

Any way, my life seems a bit chaotic for the moment. Work, traveling, fixing the garden and redecorating our house + + +.
 After several years searching for a house in Lux, we have decided to stay in our rental house where we have been for the last 8 years. House prices in Lux are not cheap and with the financial challenges these days we will wait and see how the market will change......
So while I'm waiting I will do some changes at home. New dining area, new sofa, new TV-room and office, you name it. All rooms will get a facelift (sorry husband, did I not mention this?)!

 A bit of chaos, but organized chaos...

So if there is a lack of blogging, have me excused.

Apr 22, 2013

Some inspiration

 The wonderful weather we've had the last days 
has put me in the mood for garden work :-)
The terrace is clean and the furniture is out, I even did some paintwork which I'll show you later. Tomorrow I'll go shopping for flowers and plants and I'll use these two photos from lovely Paris as my inspiration!
Yes, pink flowers will it be this year :-)

Apr 19, 2013

Lunch @ Ralph's

I'll give you a tip of a good restaurant in Paris.
The food was great but it was the patio that appealed the most.....
Ralph Lauren  in St. Germain.

Apr 18, 2013

J'adore Paris

I'm a lucky girl.
Been to Paris again......

Apr 16, 2013

My kind of recycling.....

From yogurt pot .....

.... to coffee cup.....

Apr 12, 2013

Have a wonderful weekend!

Hopefully the Spring will hit Luxembourg and give us some mild and sunny days. I'm looking forward to spend the days with our daughter who's on a visit from her London UNI.


Apr 11, 2013

Black or White?

I'm sitting here in a windy and rainy Luxembourg and think about our Spanish home. Every time I'm a bit bored all these ideas pop up in my head. 
Right now it is:
Should I paint the kitchen in white or black,
or just let it be nature colored?


Mimosas and KA pillows

Our Spanish lounge......

Castellar de la Frontera

This little village dating back from the Bronze age is perched on a hilltop and has fabulous views over the Gibraltar and the surroundings.
It's famous for the fortress but has since early 70ties been taking over by hippies and some of them are still there. For me it was the narrow streets and the Moorish architecture that was appealing. Not many find their way this time of year, but can imagine it'll be busy during the summer months.

Apr 9, 2013


This village is one of famous "pueblos blancos" in Andalucia.
On a clear day (which we didn't have) you can see the Atlantic, the Med, Gibraltar and the Riff Mountains in Morocco at the same time. 
Absolutely a place to visit and to have lunch, had ours at the main square. 
Many tapas dishes were served and little we paid.


..... having my morning coffee here.
Miss the warm sun, miss the lazy days, miss the long lunches.
In general I miss Spain.....