Apr 23, 2013

Chaos.....or not?

This photo represent my life right now!

Last week in Paris we came across this little bookshop on our search for a map over Paris ( ok then, we were a bit lost :-)). It's the tiniest bookshop I ever been to, but the lady who worked their seemed to have total control over her books. Unfortunately she didn't have more maps over Paris though (or perhaps she did without knowing?)

Any way, my life seems a bit chaotic for the moment. Work, traveling, fixing the garden and redecorating our house + + +.
 After several years searching for a house in Lux, we have decided to stay in our rental house where we have been for the last 8 years. House prices in Lux are not cheap and with the financial challenges these days we will wait and see how the market will change......
So while I'm waiting I will do some changes at home. New dining area, new sofa, new TV-room and office, you name it. All rooms will get a facelift (sorry husband, did I not mention this?)!

 A bit of chaos, but organized chaos...

So if there is a lack of blogging, have me excused.

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