Feb 27, 2011


We flew home via Paris, just had to take a picture of this wall.

Arabian night

Our last night in UAE. 
We were lucky to be invited for a bbq at a private house where a family from our hometown in Norway now lives. An unforgettable evening and an unforgettable holiday.
Thank you Rikke and Jarle

Feb 26, 2011


Wherever you turn your head in Dubai you will find 
examples of stunning architecture.

Desert escape

 They say that a visit to UAE is incomplete without a desert experience. Of course it is a must to do the dune bashing in a 4WD but it is not for the fainthearted! We also had the opportunity to drive the dune buggy, to ride the camels or do sand skiing. After all the different activities we had a beautiful sunset over the desert before we ended our evening in a bedouin camp with entertainment, henna painting and a nice meal.

Feb 25, 2011


 Atlantis at The Palm is an enormous resort which boasts a fantastic water park, an aquarium, a dolphin habitat and several km of private, white beach. You could easily spend a whole day here, and I guess everybody in the family will have a great time. Check out more here

Feb 24, 2011


The skyline over Dubai Marina close to where we stay.

Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi

On Wednesday we hired a car and went to Abu Dhabi to see the fantastic Emirate Palace. Unfortunately we could not come in because we all were wearing shorts so we continued our journey to the world's first Ferrari theme park at Yas island. It is a heaven for the boys but also fun for the rest of the family. Taking the fastest roller coaster in the world felt at first like a nightmare but got better after the first 5 seconds of acceleration (up to 240 km/h). 
Well worth to spend a day inside when the sun is to strong.

Burj Khalifa Lake

After our trip to "AT THE TOP" we sat down and had a drink at Joey's at Dubai Mall. The view from their terrasse over the 30-acre Dubai Fountain is amazing. And so was the water and music spectacle, which shoots water 150 meters into the air!

Burj Khalifa

 We booked an evening tour to the "AT THE TOP"(Burj Khalifa), the tallest building in the world. It took us 1 min in the elevator to get up 124 floors and to the observation deck. The view you can just imagine.......

Feb 21, 2011

Evening view....

.... from our hotel terrace with the iconic Atlantis in the horizon.

Dubai Creek

A boat trip on The Creek is a must if you first visit Dubai. Take a flat bottomed abra taxi or order a roundtrip with the traditional sailing vessel, dhow. Or just take a walk along the wharf and look at the colourful  painted dhows just arrived from India, Iran and Oman being unloaded of their wares to the souqs.

Old Town of Dubai

We have been walking around in the old part of Dubai today. What a contrast from the posh and wealthy area where the hotels are located. Absolutely worth a visit, but be prepared if you go into the souqs. The salesmen are all around
you in a second.....

 from a courtyard in the calm Bastakiya area

 from a street in Bur Dubai

the entrance to the amazing Gold Souq

Feb 20, 2011

Paradise or not?

At one side you have the amazing blue Arabian Gulf....
and if you turn around you have an amazing construction site.
Yes, this is Dubai!

Feb 17, 2011

Winter Holiday

The holiday starts in Luxembourg tomorrow afternoon but we will leave already in the morning. 
(and we will not go skiing)
dramatic view seen from the Italian side, after driving through the
Tunnel du Mt Blanc

Feb 16, 2011

glacis by wengé

A new day and a new lunch with the girls! I know it has been often lately, but believe me, this is nothing that happens every week. 
Anyway, we booked a table at glacis BY WENGÉ and the interior could fit right into my living room. Same tones of green, brown and earthy colours. But what I really liked was the "Mussel" plates from Royal Copenhagen. It is so nice to see this old pattern in a new modern version, and in new colours (not only in blue and white as my grandmother had). 
And I of course loved the lamps made of champagne boxes! 
So smart!

Feb 15, 2011

Underfull tablecloth

I am planning a big party in March and would like to have this tablecloth from the Norwegian designer Kristine Bjaadal
At first sight it looks like a ordinary damask tablecloth, but if you spill something, perhaps red wine, the nicest butterfly pattern will appear.
To bad that it is still a prototype and is yet not in commercial production.

Feb 14, 2011


Today I spent a couple of hours in "Sweden". Not really, but it felt like that. Had lunch with my Swedish friend at the stylish and cool boutique-café Konrad, in Rue de Nord. The interior (love the flower wallpaper), atmosphere and food have a real feeling and inspiration from Scandinavia. And in the fashion corner you'll find Swedish designer clothes. Could it be better??
Yes, I still miss the Swedish cinnamon buns.....

Happy Valentine

Daughter went to school with selfmade 
red velvet cupcakes today.
Happy Valentine's Day