Feb 11, 2011

Luxor in February

A couple of years ago we went to Egypt, and among the places we visited was Luxor.* Ever since I was 9 and had a crush on Tutankamon, Egypt has been one of my dream destinations. Ancient Egypt, with it's pyramids and temples has always been fascinating for me, and still is. 
At our excursion to Luxor we saw the impressiv Temple of Karnak and The Temple of Hatshepsut. We had a sunny boat trip over the River Nile, and a good walk in The Valley of the Kings. To discover the tombs was amazing, and that they still dig for hidden tombs that they know for sure exist is also impressiv. To come from the golden desert and the charming Beduin people, into the amazing green Nile Valley was also a sight that I can't forget. To see the local, young boys riding their camels and playing loud discomusic from their phones is also something that we will remember. 
O yes, will for sure come back....

The Temple of Karnak
the green Nile valley

alabast pottery maker

local heroes

boat trip on The River Nile

Valley of the Kings

the, not so tall,  Beduin people giving us a show

*in my little series when and where, I have decided to show destinations where we have been and in the month we went there. That Egypt came up as my February destination is a coincidence considering the situation in the country, since this is something I have planned for a long time. And since I have decided to not involve any politics in my blog I will not comment on the country's today situation.

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