May 22, 2013

Heidelberg, Germany

We took advantages of the extended weekend and drove to Heidelberg in Germany for a couple of days. An old, lovely city with an impressing castle and a vibrant old town. 
The weather on Saturday was perfect so we took a boat trip on the river Necker which gave us a fair view of the city on both sides of the river.
A recomended destination if you want a weekend trip from Luxembourg, approx 2,5 h by car.

May 20, 2013

17th of May in Luxembourg

17th of May is a very special day for Norwegians. The Norwegian constitution day is celebrated well in Norway and by Norwegians living around the world.
Here in Luxembourg we celebrate it in Parc Merveilleux in Bettembourg.
It is a day were the focus is on the children with parade, songs, activities, ice creams and the list goes on.....
For the first time in Luxembourg I wore my national costume
 which I am very proud of. 
So if you are Norwegian or a "Norway friend" you have to join us next year.

May 15, 2013

Family gathering

We were invited to the confirmation of our nephew/cousin
 last weekend on the east coast of Norway.
It really was a family gathering were our daughter came from London and my in-laws came from the west coast of Norway. Nice to see them all again, that doesn't happen to often. Also nice to were our national costumes, which I actually brought back to Luxembourg and will wear on Friday. 
(why? because it's Norway's national day, that's why....)

May 7, 2013

Cruising the Moselle

During our 8 years stay in Luxembourg we haven't done the "tourist" cruise at the Moselle. So when the opportunity came up on Saturday, where we were inviteded to a gala dinner onboard, we couldn't say no could we?
Lovely weather and amazing scenery give us a perfect evening onboard the cruise that took us from Remich, Luxembourg to Sierck les Bains, France and back again.
Thanks to Round Table Luxembourg for organizing the event.

May 5, 2013


 Pink - Party - Pompons
Had the pleasure to host a surprise party for my really good friend last Friday.
10 girls (ladies) were gathered with plenty of food and drinks and we had a great time. Our friend didn't have any clue so it was the perfect surprise party.
Sadly my friend has decided to move back to Norway but luckily for her she found LOVE!!!!! 

You can clearly see on this picture how bright our living room
 is now after the repainting.
And in the corner you see "grannies" old mirror which now is spray painted white. I'll give you a closer look later.....
And the pompons I made myself, so easy though I haven't done them in 20 years or so. Martha Stewart has great explanations on her website.

May 1, 2013

Early morning in bed

The morning 1st of May. In bed with my morning coffee and Mac, and that on a Wednesday. What a good feeling!
 Son is still asleep and husband decided to drive to Basel yesterday. 
So here I am all by myself..... and I find the time to do some blogging.

The last days have been quite busy and the first to suffer from that is my blog unfortunately. I am not complaining though since I put myself in this position.
 I am the one who invites friends over for dinner
 both Friday and Saturday (#1).
 I am the one who says to my husband that we need a lunch in town
 while doing errands (# 2)
I am the one who says that we shall repaint the living room on Sunday (# 3)
And I am the one who decided to spray paint "granny's" old mirror (#4)

What a pleasant feeling when you finally did what you've
 been thinking about for such a long time.........

Have a nice day off!