May 5, 2013


 Pink - Party - Pompons
Had the pleasure to host a surprise party for my really good friend last Friday.
10 girls (ladies) were gathered with plenty of food and drinks and we had a great time. Our friend didn't have any clue so it was the perfect surprise party.
Sadly my friend has decided to move back to Norway but luckily for her she found LOVE!!!!! 

You can clearly see on this picture how bright our living room
 is now after the repainting.
And in the corner you see "grannies" old mirror which now is spray painted white. I'll give you a closer look later.....
And the pompons I made myself, so easy though I haven't done them in 20 years or so. Martha Stewart has great explanations on her website.


  1. Åh vad fint du har gjort - som alltid! Tråkigt att hon flyttar hem...
    Här är det full sommar - härligt!
    Stora kramar till er alla!!

  2. Sorry - glömde skriva att det var från oss alla i Sthlm...
    Kram Carin