Feb 28, 2010


Today it was typical "stay indoor"-weather! And so we gladly did. The daughter in the house contributed with cosy atmosphere by making these delicious brownies.
The cake-dish is an experiment made by me....

Feb 27, 2010


Didn't have any plans today, so I grabbed my camera (and son) and went out for a walk in our neighbourhood... 

Feb 26, 2010


Yesterday evening I had a great time with a bunch of friends at this cool restaurant Elch in Bertrange, Luxembourg. The interior was so inspiring and so "scandi". Will I come back? YES!

go to Elch here 


Talked to my mother today, who lives with the rest of my family on the south-west cost of Norway. They are all complaining over the enormous amount of snow that keep falling down. I will therefor post some pictures that I took when we were there around christmas.

Feb 25, 2010


It was a pair of proud parents that was sitting in the Grand Salle at Athénée Tuesday evening. We were there to see our daughter receive the Bronze in "Mérite Jeunesse G.-D. de Luxembourg", and that from the one and only Prince Guillaume himself. Unfortunately I didn't catch any good pictures, but we've got this videoclip.

Feb 23, 2010

Memory lane

A few years ago my children and I lived a short period in Torreblanca, Costa del Sol. We haven't been there since then, so this visit was a little memory trip for us. A lot of things was changed, but the amazing view from the pool is still intact compared to the rest of the surroundings.
Father and son and the gorgeous view from the pool.
We used to live in an apartment on the right side.
Have so many good memories from that time...
Of course we had to have lunch under the orangetrees
in Benalmadena Pueblo.

Taste of spring in Spain

Feb 22, 2010


A Sunday late in February every year you will find these big fires all around Luxembourg. People are gathering and eating bratwurst, drinking beer and gluhwein. This is a certain sign that the winter is over and we are waiting for the spring. It is a very social event and it has been a tradition for us to join. Unfortunately we came home from Spain a bit to late yesterday, so the big cross was almost burned down. But looking forward to next year....

Feb 15, 2010

fun in the snow

Today my son and I had a lot of fun in this slope in Steinsel. No broken legs, no broken fingers but a very sore back was the result..... To be honest I'm a bit tired of this kind of weather, so I am looking forward to pack my bag and head my nose south to Spain tomorrow. Hopefully we will see the sun, and have a taste of spring.

Feb 14, 2010

3 in 1

I have to follow my roots, and in Scandinavia, Valentine, Mothers Day and Fastelaven (eng. Pancake Tuesday, fr. Mardi Gras) came on the same day. Even the snow came back this day:-(
So my husband was so kind to serve me coffee in bed this morning (with a heart, and he even didn't try to make it!)
And of course we had to follow the Norwegian tradition with "fastelavensboller", which is buns with whipped cream.
I send a thought to my mum and mother in law (håper dere har hatt en fin dag)