May 27, 2010

Lucky me

Mother/grandmother is now at our place and will stay for some days. Not only did she bring the typical norwegian brown cheese and milk chocolate but also other necessities like norwegian interior magazines, lucky me. Tomorrow we leave Lux, and hope to  spend a really nice weekend in France...... 

May 25, 2010

Fun day

What a fun day we had on Monday! After daughter was finished with her exam (yes, she didn't had the day off) we were all headed towards France and the amusement park, Walygator. With close to 30 degrees and everybody in a good mood we had an absolute fabulous day....

May 24, 2010


We spend some hours in Trier on Saturday. Trier is among German oldest cities and is famous for the Roman gateway Porta Nigra, among other attractions. But for me it is the nice and lively market and the good shopping that counts. Trier is just a short drive from our home but sadly I am seldom there.

May 22, 2010

Sweet 16 - Mamizeit

Ingrid (daughter) has been interviewed by a journalist who writes for the swiss expat magazine Mamizeit. Click on the link and read about an expat teenagers life....

May 20, 2010


I was so surprised when this brochure dumped in today, with my son on the main picture. He truly looks like a professional chemist, don't you think?

May 18, 2010

Black and white

Had my photography course again. Today we were introduced to some of the most famous photographers in history, among them Henri Cartier Bresson and Nick Brandt. Both of them takes pictures in black/white and I find them just amazing. Sometimes I think a photo can be much more interesting in B/W, and now of course with our technology it is very easy to change from colour to B/W. I took these photos in Petrusse, Luxembourg town.

May 17, 2010

Hurra hurra hurra !!!!!

Between work, school and ongoing exams we could not find time to join the norwegian community to celebrate our day today. But of course we had to do some decorations at home! And there will be no national day without our traditional 17. mai cake, which is decorated with helpful children hands in the correct colours.

17 Mai

Today is the National Day in Norway, so big congratulations to all Norwegians in Norway and those abroad....

Ingrid in the national costume
 which was given to her from her aunt,
 last year for her confirmation

May 15, 2010

The Night Run

Today we have witnessed our husband/father run the half marathon in Luxembourg. With around 8000 participants and approx 150 000 viewers it was  (or still is, the run stops at 00.07) for sure a big event....

very optimistic in the beginning....

and right before finish line...
and the time ...1h 48m... not bad at all...


Today I am a bit envious of my son. He is now on his way to Cologne with his friend to see Cirque du Soleil! That has been my dream for a long, long time, so next time they perform close to Lux I really have to buy some tickets. I guess my son will have a marvellous time......

photo: cirque du soleil

May 13, 2010


On this day off, we took a trip to the petite and pittoresque village, Esch-sur-Sûre north in Luxembourg. We were strolling in the narrow streets and along the river before we had a very traditional salad from a typical Luxembourgish kitchen. 

Hope you all enjoyed your day off....

May 11, 2010

On this grey day

I am quite glad that the weather "forced" me to stay inside today, and that I can't work in the garden (even though it is necessary). So today I decided that it is the bedroom that needs a facelift. I like to display my things, so this is how I do it.... (perhaps I should colour coordinate my "jewelry"?) 

The bathroom pegs are from Ikea.

 I bought myself two new pairs of sandals the other day, and now the problem is storage... So I think I need to "switch" around in my shoehelves (which comes from Ikea and which I just love). I would like to have one more of this wardrobe, but unfortunately there is no more space.

 When it comes to our bed, I really think I should do something more creative,  but what I don't now yet. Need to seriously think about that.... and perhaps I will post the transformation (if there will be one...)

May 10, 2010


I just have to blog a bit about this talented, norwegian stylist/cookbook author Paul Løwe. I have followed him for a while, I love how he styles tables, gardens and homes, and he gives me many new ideas. He moved from Norway to NY some time ago and I regularly read his blog. He is now out with his first magazine, which I have read, and I really would like to make everything in it! I guess he will inspire many more than just me.... check it out here

May 6, 2010

Before and after

At this grey and rainy day, what's better than to light up the candles and have a cup of coffee? I received this nice decoration (it was nicer in the beginning) from one of my friends, when the flowers where gone I planted the flower bulbs in my garden and changed the soil with a glass vase and a candle..... it turned out quite nice I think...

May 5, 2010


.... what a great evening, what a great show, what a great woman!!. Had a mother/daughter evening at Rockhal together with "half" of Luxembourg and Rihanna! A night we will not forget for a long time....

May 3, 2010

Chateau d'Urspelt

Had the pleasure to spend part of my weekend (and with my husband) at this lovely place. Chateau d'Urspelt is situated in the country side north in Luxembourg, close to Clervaux. From being a ruin in 2008 it is now a highly classy hotel. Are you a interior interested person (like me) I'm sure you will feel comfortable among crystal chandeliers, and comfy chairs. The food was also excellent and so was the staff. A perfect hideaway for the weekend, highly recommended!

photos: Chateau d'Urspelt

May 1, 2010


My son is finally home again after a 4 day-long school trip to Belgium. They had a wonderful stay at the seaside at Blankenberge, but also an excursion to the pittoresque town of Brugge. I was asked to go on the same trip last year, which of course I couldn't say no to, and had some sunny and nice days with the students. Blankenberge is a small seaside village, with a few historical buildings, a marina, and the most eye catching pier which has a bridge that's leads 350 m to a round building. And not forget the beach, km on km with white sand. Brugge on the other hand is set a few km inland, and has a lot of canals and interesting architecture. Set up by the Vikings and then becoming the most important trading centre in Northern Europe, it also has a interesting history. Perhaps the most beautiful place in Belgium.....absolutely worth a visit!

I let the picture talk for themselves