May 1, 2010


My son is finally home again after a 4 day-long school trip to Belgium. They had a wonderful stay at the seaside at Blankenberge, but also an excursion to the pittoresque town of Brugge. I was asked to go on the same trip last year, which of course I couldn't say no to, and had some sunny and nice days with the students. Blankenberge is a small seaside village, with a few historical buildings, a marina, and the most eye catching pier which has a bridge that's leads 350 m to a round building. And not forget the beach, km on km with white sand. Brugge on the other hand is set a few km inland, and has a lot of canals and interesting architecture. Set up by the Vikings and then becoming the most important trading centre in Northern Europe, it also has a interesting history. Perhaps the most beautiful place in Belgium.....absolutely worth a visit!

I let the picture talk for themselves

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