Mar 30, 2012


I know it is a bit early, but I'll be without any internet and laptop this holiday.
Anyway, just want to wish family, friends and other lovely ones a very
nice Easter holiday.
See you soon

Need a refill....

This morning I used the last lemon from our garden in Spain.
It is time for a refill!
Our flight leaves this afternoon, and we are so excited to check out our house and also celebrate Easter with my parents. 

Mar 29, 2012

Where to study?

Daughter has some hard decisions to make.....
Hope she ends up not to far away, at least in Europe!

More from England

Sorry folks, forgot to show you some pics from the English countryside.
This is from the daily life in the little village we stayed in.
Almost like taken out of a movie....

Mar 27, 2012

Yellow is the colour!

As I told you, we have been quite busy the last two weeks.
Me and daughter went to UK to check out some Universities and little boy went on a camp to London. Husband has had a surgery, tomorrow I'll prepare our travel to Spain, but I haven't forgot Easter!
The house is now decorated (not till the full though) but just enough to get that warm and lovely feeling. And as a bonus, the lovely smell of Fresia!

Mar 26, 2012

Lovely day

good morning sunshines!
After two busy weeks I am now back on track.
Had a lovely weekend with plenty of sun, girls lunch and BBQ.
The good weather continues into the new week, I will enjoy it to the maximum!

ciao ciao

Cold mornings but warm evenings.
This picture is from Friday

Mar 23, 2012

British heritage

UK has so much to offer!
Among the things I really like when I am in the country is to visit the local pub.
We where lucky to have the opportunity to stay in a private house with a lovely couple who are friends with my parents. And of course they took us to "their" pub, the Boat Inn. Lovely place by the canal.

Back home

We are back from a very nice and exciting trip to England.
We went to a part of the England that we have never been in before, the lovely Midlands. The train took us through the Peak District with green, rolling hills and pictoresque villages. Later I heard that the englishmen call this mountains but for us Norwegians I guess we still call this hills.......

Mar 17, 2012

Tea for two!

Passports and luggage are ready. Daughter and I are going to UK!

Mar 16, 2012


What a day and what an evening!
Rosé wine on the terrace and BBQ.
Unexpected, my two favorite places have the same temp. Look!

Wish you all a nice weekend!

Mar 15, 2012

Macarons for breakfast!

You better be a sweet tooth living in this family,
especially this week. 
Today is my "little" girl's birthday, OMG how time flies!
18 years old and almost ready to move out from home!

Mar 14, 2012

From the forest

Finally, no more pain in my back!!!
Haven't been on my weekly trips in the forest for ages,
 but that changed this week!
So peaceful in the mornings with only the birdsong, and when you find a white carpet of these beautiful flowers, it couldn't be better.
Embrace the spring!!!!

Mar 13, 2012

My watch

Husband decided last evening to take the car today and drive to Basel for the watch expo. I doubt he would do that if not his friend had called him last night and  more or less "forced" him to Switzerland. Anyway, he will spend the days with his friend and the designer of my watch, Mister Bruvik himself.
I love my ceramic, white watch with 11 diamonds designed by this Norwegian.

Cross fingers that he will come home with a present?!

Mar 12, 2012

Happy Monday

Daughter went up at 05 this morning to bake a cake to daddy!
We all gathered in bed around 6.30 with coffee, tea, hot chocolate and warm cake to celebrate father and husband. 
That is what we call a happy Monday and a great start on a new week.
Now I'm planning a nice dinner for tonight.
ciao ciao

Mar 8, 2012


You might say there was a couple of proud parents sitting at L'Athénée last night watching their daughters receiving the
 Silver Award in Mérite Jeunesse from Prince Guillaume.
Well done girl, but will she go for gold?

Mar 4, 2012

Marché aux puces - Arlon

Bon jour!
Hope you had a nice weekend so far. 
We took a trip to Arlon in Belgium this morning. The marked season started up today, a certain sign of spring! Even thought it rained!
Anyway, the first Sunday in the month you'll find the marked in the old streets of Arlon. I didn't buy as much as I would like to. Perhaps next time? We'll see...

Mar 2, 2012

No plans for the weekend?

May I suggest two Norwegian movies that will be shown at
 Ciné Utopia, Luxembourg, this weekend.

"sønner av Norge"


Wish you a nice weekend, movies or not.......

Mar 1, 2012

Back on track (and troc)

Since we came home on Monday I have more or less spent my time in the sofa. You might say that my back wasn't to happy doing all the lifting, moving, painting etc last week. But however, I am today back in my normal position and after some grocery shopping I went to the troc in Belgium. I found many things I liked, and some things I even bought, as this terrine from Winterling. Perfect today since the rest of the family voted for soup for dinner tonight :-)