Sep 30, 2010

Harri Peccinotti

Just came home from a lecture with the photographer Peccinott (born 1938). He is most famous for shooting the Pirelli Calender, fashion for Vogue, art director for Rolling Stones and Vanity Fair UK among others. Interesting to hear an old mans history and also his view about digital photography versus traditional film...

Côté Saveurs

Yet again we had a nice evening with cooking and wine.

The girls in action....
...and masterchef and me in action...
 ...and of course we need a glass when we are working...

The menu this time:

Dorade Sébaste rôtie au crémeux d'artichauts et croquant de légumes
Suprême de colvert à la sauge ananas
Sorbet à la pêche jaune et savarin aux 7 épices

Thanks for a nice evening 

Sep 29, 2010

Before - after

Forgot to say that I also bought some paint yesterday, must say that I am really in the mood for doing small changes. Last night I ended up in the basement and painted this old "puff" from Ikea that I didn't know what to do with. I gave it a new life and a new "home" in the bedroom... Wonder what next project I should start with? :-)

Sep 28, 2010

New founds

Busy day today, but only nice things happening as for ex. shopping!! Been to many nice shops including secondhand. Was not sure if I liked the silver vase at first, but when I took it in the house it was just what I've been looking for.I love also the old, green mug from Villeroy&Boch and the champagne cooler which I almost "got for free"......


I "refound" this old jar in my basement the other day. It is a very old jar from Norway (Norge) and is called Norgesglass. I think my husbands grandmother gave it to me years ago, so now I think its about time to take it out and bring it to life again. Looks nice with cookies in it .....

Sep 27, 2010


books and books! My husband was lucky and inherited some books from a colleague who's moving abroad. The problem is that our so-called library at the loft is full, so I piled them in front of our bedroom mirror for so long. I need a solution but have no idea what to do? Do you?
(must say I like the colour scheme, so perhaps I just let them be. And suggest to my husband that he just start in one pile, or pick a random book (that could work:-)) 

Sep 26, 2010


Promised my self a quiet and relaxing weekend. But the problem is that I easily get restless and bored! I need a project and preferably a house to decorate or at least a room... that's not easy when you're only renting a place. But any way, I did find a lot of inspiration at Slettvoll, so now I can just dream on....

Sep 25, 2010


Enjoying a glass of wine and the latest issue for sweet paul magazine.
If you need some inspiration, check it out here...

Sep 24, 2010


After a quite busy week I am now ready for a relaxing weekend with my kids* in a cleaned house with fresh flowers and bun smell ;-) Wish all family and friends a nice weekend as well...
*(would like to include my husband as well, but he unfortunately had to spend this weekend some where at a french chateau...)

Join the journey

Earlier this week I accidentally met a woman in town that I started to talk with. She happen to be a danish artist and also it seemed to be a neighbour!! Any way, she gave me her brochure and I really thinks she has a great collection. Check out her website here if you are interested....

Sep 20, 2010


We spent our Sunday in Mosel among the vineyards and grapes. Had a really long picnic with friends and children. It was a perfect ending of the summer, now we can welcome the fall. Thanks to Unni who came up with this nice initiative, and would share their secret picnic place with us.

Sep 18, 2010

Old Boys

My husband participated in a bankers tournament today, and with the highest average age I was surprised how few injuries there where. Even though they came last, we had a very fun day.

Sep 15, 2010

Back to school

Today it was back to school and back to "normal" life and routines again. Time flies and can`t believe that my now 16 year old was 6 when this photo was taken and she had her first school day.....

Sep 13, 2010



 One day we went to one of Europe's largest wetland regions, the Camargue. We drove through salt marsh, lakes and sand dunes, among white horses, bulls and flamingos. Saw the local cowboys, les gardians, in action, and ended up at the beach in Saintes Maries de la Mer. A very diverse region I can tell...

Fun in the waves

At the market

Wednesday is the market day in St-Remy de Provence. So if you're lucky to be in the neighbourhood you should absolutely go there. If not for buying, so just to soak up the real provencal atmosphere.

Sep 12, 2010

Une promenade

an evening walk along a french countryroad


We followed the footprints of, among others, the romans and Van Gogh and ended up in the picturesque Arles.


After spending some days at the seaside, we continued our journey the countryside in the heart of Provence, where we stayed at Le Mas Montplaisir.
I could easily find myself living at a place like this....

 (and to Madame Bourbousson; we would love to come back next year)

Night at Cap d'Agde

Sep 3, 2010

Chill out


Yes, we finally arrived our destination by the sea. After a car engine break down and some bad weather, we got our selves a rental car and off we went to Carcasonne. What an amazing medieval fortress. 

all pictures are taken inside or around the castle