Jul 22, 2012


Can't wait to sit under my parasol with a good book and just relax.
Tomorrow I'll be back in our paradise and thats for 5 weeks.
Wish you all a fabulous summer.
♡ ♡

Jul 21, 2012

Perfect lunch

I'm in Lux for a few days to repack my luggage again.
During the days I also found time to have lunch with my friend. She's pregnant and I just had to see her before we leave. Next time we meet she will have a little baby in her arms :-)))
We ended up in this cool place, a 1/2 mesure in rue de Bains.
Really nice with fantastic food.
So, my suggestion to you if you would like to have lunch somewhere
 this weekend.

Jul 17, 2012


These cool guys in their cool, black boats are getting ready for the 
RC44 Sweden Cup thats has the start tomorrow the 18th of July.
Wish I could be there.......

Marstrand, Sweden

Every time I'm in Sweden I try to visit some of the islands on the coast. After being two times in a row at the little island of ├ůstol, we decided this time to go to the idyllic island of Marstrand just north of Gothenburg. Marstrand is a sailors paradise but it is also a paradise for the rest of us who do not sail. Carlsten fortress is a must, and so is the stroll in the narrow streets. Lots of nice little shops and handcraft workshops. 
End the visit off with a tasty lunch and the view of the fantastic boats. 
Thanks for a wonderful day!

Jul 13, 2012

Sweden here we come!

I just managed to unpack my "senorita clothes" from Spain and replace them with some long trousers, jumpers and raincoat. We are now heading north to Sweden where, hopefully, we'll have some fantastic days by the west coast.
See you later!!!!! 

Photo borrowed from tjorn.se

Jul 11, 2012

Costa del Sol

Crowded beach, hot weather and millions of red jelly fish in the ocean was not the best combination, but still we had some lovely days :-)

Jul 5, 2012

Heading south (again)

After a day with some unexpected work coming up, packing and thunderstorms, I am now ready for bed. Need to get up at 4.30 to catch the plane to Spain.
I'll travel alone this time, but will meet up with my mother, brother and his daughter for a few days. 
Looking forward to some lovely days with them.
Will be back during next week, hopefully 
with some updated pictures of the house...... 

Jul 2, 2012


This morning I dropped my daughter off by the school with her packed suitcase.
Her class is now on their way to Barcelona for a school trip. The last trip with her classmates before they all split up and move to different parts of the world.
In just 10 weeks she will move to England!
Honestly, I'm not ready for that.....

Anyway, I hope they will have a super trip to this nice city, and I can guess there will be a great atmosphere there today especially since Spain won yesterday!

These pictures are from our last trip to Barcelona several years ago, which  makes me wonder if its about time for another visit soon?

Jul 1, 2012

Long hair session

At Ferber Hair & Style, you can now book a 30 min "long hair session" for 30 euro and you have many different styles to choose from.
I booked an appointment for my daughter before her prom on Friday and we were both very pleased with the result.