Apr 28, 2011

Tunis in April

For us Tunis was a nice experience, if you ignore the bad weather we had most of the time, the problems with the paperwork in the immigration, the language difficulties (before my french knowledge) and the corrupt police that stopped our cab driver and asked for money before he could drive us further, the unreliable trains...
 except for that, it was great!
We stayed just outside the capital in a nice "all inclusive" resort, on a long lovely beach. But since we like to explore new environments, we had a boat trip to Hammamet where we had the chance to see dolphins and where our daughter was the only one who was tough enough to jump into the sea with them. We went into the labyrinth of the Medina where we suddenly met a local that had worked as a chef in Norway for many years. He kindly took us to his favourite places which I am sure we would never have found by ourselves. We visited a carpet factory and managed to say NO THANK YOU to buying carpets but YES THANK YOU to some tea. We visited the magnificent village Sidi Bou Said and the ruins of Carthage. Had the chance to see the mosaics in the Bardo Museum and finally but not least, sipping french coffee on the very french Avenue de France.
All in all a very memorable holiday.
Hammamet and the dolphins 

On the roof and view over the Medina and the school of Coran

Sidi Bou Said

lovely door into the carpet store

Apr 27, 2011

Post card art

Last time I went to mudam I bought these, a bit childish and naive, cards from the Paris based artist Nathalie Lété. It is old photos from Luxembourg that she has made a final touch on. I finally framed them today, and wondered for a long time were I should hang them. As some have noticed, my home is not very colourful, but I managed to pair them over the shelf with cookbooks. My only little corner with some colour.....

Wednesday is market day

I had a quick visit to the market in Luxembourg town today. Unfortunately I hadn't time or cash to buy all the amazing vegetables or fruits and berries, but I grabbed with me a bunch of peonies!
My favourites of all flowers. They remind me of my childhood summers in Sweden, where they almost grown wild in my grandmothers garden...
love love love

Apr 26, 2011


 some colour inspiration from South of France, just love the
 rustic patina and faded colours.

Apr 25, 2011

Le Château

 So, we are back in Luxembourg after a few days on holiday in France. We had 4 nights at this little château close to the costal village of Marseillan. Unfortunately this property was not very well maintained, but the owners were nice and friendly. All in all we can say we had splendid vacation. The weather turned out not to be as bad as first predicted, husband had his quote of fresh sea food, mother was happy she had her book and the children were satisfied, what else can we ask for....

Apr 20, 2011


..... and heading to Southern France. Regardless how much I love this part of the world I now have second thoughts. The weather forecast do not look promising, France 17° and rain, Lux 24° and blue sky.
Well, on y va.....

pictures from Poussan

Apr 19, 2011

Old memory

I remember how easy it was to get the children out of bed in the morning to see if Easter Bunny had been around in our garden. And how excited and joyful they were. Time flies but even as teenager they still want to have a visit of Easter Bunny.
Bless the children.....

Apr 18, 2011


I wish I could say that I made these sweet, sweet cookies by myself, but this time I got help from HEMA
Today it's all about relaxing in the garden with sweets, coffee and a bunch of interior magazines....

Apr 17, 2011


My little "chicken choir" salut us every morning during easter....

Apr 16, 2011

Place des Vosges

Place des Vosges, the best place to be in Paris.
Please take me there, now.....

Apr 15, 2011


When the children were young and went to kindergarden they came home with cress in eggshell or in other easter decorations. We haven't had cress in years, so we tried to sow some seeds in cotton, and voila...... 
Now we're looking forward eating cress on the sandwich or in the salad:-)

Apr 14, 2011

White easter

I have gone "wild" again with the spray paint, this time on the branch.
Instead of hanging the children's painted easter eggs on it I attached some white feathers to it. A calm and simple easter decoration.
Of course I found another place for the children's decorations, important to have some traditions.....

Apr 13, 2011

Spring Unfocused

For my photo class next time the homework is "spring colour unfocused".
it's fun to sometimes experiment with your camera....

Apr 11, 2011


So this is how it feels to sit in the back seat of a convertible.
I will listen to my children next time they complain that it is to windy because of the high speed.....

Apr 10, 2011

Lucky me

It's on days like this that I do not regret that we took the step and moved from Norway. Sitting in my garden with ice cream and 25 degrees and knowing that "home" it is 7 degrees, rain and strong wind from north .....

Apr 8, 2011

Forest Souvenir

Love to bring a bit of nature into my house....
Wish you all a nice weekend!!

Apr 7, 2011

Eye candy

Tomorrow starts the childrens easter holiday! 
I am not a big fan of to much colour in my house, but I do aloud myself to decorate with some extra colours  by easter. And since we are not home the actual easter weekend I think we' ll have an early start, mmmmm

Apr 5, 2011

Chez Paul

pcture from google images

I just have to tell you about our lunch restaurant while we were in Paris.
We had a meeting in the Bastille area and were literal wandering the streets when we saw this little bistro at the corner. I guess this must be the most authentic, old french bistro in Paris. The menu is handwritten with blue ink and the interior must have been the same since beginning of 1900! We found it very charming at that point but it is now afterwards that I found out it is rather "famous". The locals come here often and so do the celebrities!
Not a bad pick at all! 
Give chez paul a visit next time you're in Paris


Some spring photos i took after a stroll at Pfaffenthal
Have a nice day

Apr 3, 2011


Together with some other Norwegians, I organized a visit to Mudam this Sunday. We hired a guide that took us around and explained some of the installations and artwork, but also about the architect and the building itself. Some of the artworks are nice, other a bit wired and some provocative. This ink fountain is a bit dramatic (also with the background sounds) and the chapel (one of two permanent installations) can for someone be a bit to much with the x-rays of different parts of a human body.
Worth a visit....