Nov 29, 2012


I feel that this week has been more or less about food.
Dinners, lunches and breakfast with friends, but hey, who wouldn't like that?
Anyway, Thursday evening we were 10 girls gathered at the restaurant Schéiss in Belair. My first time there but not my last.

My menu for the evening:

carpaccio Saint Jacques

and tendre morceaux de veau

Nov 27, 2012

Girls lunch

I am so blessed to have such nice friends and to have
 the opportunity to have them over for lunch on an ordinary weekday.
This time I set the table in neutral colours and yet again I used newer things combined with old treasures found at markets around here and there.
Doesn't take much effort to set a table like this and the 
menu was also very easy.

pumpkin soup
salad with roasted vegetables, pears and goatcheese
"fruta confitada", macarons and cake

Nov 26, 2012

Happy 15!

Today has been all about the boy!
Happy birthday to him and happy birthday to my 
lovely mother who 
also have a big day today!

A bit of Christmas this weekend

Hi everyone, hope you all had a great weekend!
I started on Friday with decoration and then organizing a Norwegian Christmas dinner for 50 people.
 A great success!
(a big thank you to all involved) 
Saturday was the great shopping escape, 
and Sunday Fleur Wüst had their annual Christmas opening,
and of course they served cookies and cremant!

Now it's Monday and I am ready for a new week and 
new challenges, the next days will be busy!

all photos from Iphone.

Nov 22, 2012

Pretty, rough denim

Somehow I prefer to have dinner guests on a weekday instead at the weekend. 
Week day dinner is less formal then a Saturday night dinner, the guests doesn't tend to stay to early morning and I have the opportunity to set the table a bit more glamourous than it usually is.
On our Tuesday dinner I found my very old plates that I haven't used for a decade and paired it with the rough denim fabric that I bought very cheap at Ikea. Also used the old crystal glasses from great grandmother, love the contrast of sweet and not so sweet.

Thanks to our guests for a very nice evening.

Nov 21, 2012


 Yes, we are a family that goes all in for Movember
 and support in the research of prostate cancer.
So to help spreading the message and let people be aware of the campaign
 my husband has grown a mustache!
(It'll be gone the 1st of Dec he promised me)

I contribute by wearing my cardigan that I bought at a market
 in London a few weeks ago.

If you want to contribute by donating a small amount you can do it here.

Nov 20, 2012

Entrez-svp at InterNations

I am so excited!
Let me tell you that a few weeks ago InterNations contacted me regarding my blog. They liked it so much and wanted to feature it at their site.
It is now published and you can read about me here!

Big thanks to InterNations!

Nov 19, 2012

Soooo Norwegian.....

Bought this ear warmer yesterday at the Norwegian bazar.
Reminds me of my childhood when every child had a jumper in this pattern, so 70ies and so Norwegian.
For only 6 euro and hand-knitted in wool I think it is a bargain!

Nov 17, 2012

Norwegian X-mas bazar

If you live in Luxembourg you must come to the Norwegian Christmas bazar!
I'll be serving waffles and "gløgg" (mulled wine)

Sunday 18th
Bereldange (haus am bacheler)
the whole day

Nov 15, 2012


Finally on INSTAGRAM!! Follow me @ entrez_svp

Nov 14, 2012


My adorable niece (here with her cousin and another adorable niece of mine) was baptized last Sunday. So my daughter and I took a plane from London to be with the family. Lovely to be with the family again and least but not less we had the chance to wear our National costume "bunad".

Nov 13, 2012

Colourful Camden

Had a great time with my daughter in London a few days ago.
We went to Camden and its market where we did some vintage shopping.

Other things we did:
see a Christmas decorated Covent Garden
drank mulled wine
had a Italian inspired lunch
strolling Regent and Oxford street
5 o'clock tea 
see Stomp
fancy dinner


Nov 7, 2012

Flying high

I feel literal that I am living in a suitcase these days.
I'm off to London...... and then Norway.
See you next week!

Classic(al) evening

Don't get me wrong, this is not something that happens to me often.
Actually I think it's the first time.
First time in Chateau de Bettembourg
 and first time at a concert with classical music.
Got a nice invitation to this concert with young and promising Norwegian musicians Miriam Helms Ålien, violin and Ole Chr. Haagenrund, piano, from the Norwegian General Consulate in Luxembourg.
So there I was, with my beloved and a friend, together with 300 other prominent (☺) guests, among them the Norwegian Ambassador in Benelux.

Nov 5, 2012

Can't believe.....

...... that this picture was taken 24th of October!
I was sitting in the sun in my garden, temp well above 20 and read 
a Norwegian Christmas magazine.
Well, autumn in Lux can be pleasant, but nowadays it is more like a proper autumn with heavy wind, rain and dancing leaves. 
Hope it wont last for long, 

Nov 4, 2012

A hidden riad

On our trip to Marrakech we stayed at a beautiful little riad called Riad Hidden placed in the middle of the Medina about 100m from the famous Djemaa el Fna square. With only 5 rooms it was a quiet place in the bustling old town.
With the most welcoming staff and a absolutely tasty breakfast this is a place I can recommend without a doubt.

For restaurants I can recommend:

Marrakech random

Marrakech is a place which you easily can have a love/hate relation to.