Jul 31, 2010

1120 km...

..is the distance that we drove today from our home in Luxembourg to Hirtshals, Denmark. I am now sitting on the new speed ferry from Denmark to Norway. Our family holiday has official started and we are all looking forward to see family and friends again. 
I took some pictures in Hirtshals with my iPhone because forgot the camera in the car (amamteur).

Jul 29, 2010


In mid July my daughter and her class went to Paris on their class trip. I was allowed to publish some of the pictures, and think it is interesting to see Paris trough teenagers eyes...
Daughter and canadian boyfriend

I let the rest of the pictures speak for themselves..

Jul 23, 2010

Croatia, Rovinj

On our drive back home to Lux, we had a stopover at the very nice and romantic town of Rovinj at the Istria peninsula.

We stayed at Villa Angelo D'Oro, a hotel I can recommend (especially if you order the suite :-))

Croatia, Primosten and area

Husband and daughter are still working, me and son are relaxing at home waiting for our family holiday to begin. So in the meantime I show you some picture from our last summer trip that we spent in Croaia, Primosten. If you haven´t yet decided where to go on vacation I can strongly recommend this fantastic destination.
The view over Primosten from our terrace 

the beach


National Park of Krka


From Sibenik


UNESCO´s town of Trogir



Jul 20, 2010


son having fun with water balloons


For our BBQ this Sunday I composed this little dessert. Just boil 50-50 of water and maplesirup, a couple of spoons with vanillasugar and some balsamic vinegar.
Poor it over fresh rhubarb and let it stay over night in the fridge... 
Blend it with strawberries and serve with creme....


Jul 17, 2010

Centre Pompidou-Metz

Husband and I have spent this Saturday in Metz, France, and at the new Centre Pompidou-Metz. Right now they have the exhibition Masterpieces? with 800 works which over 700 of them were chosen from the collections of the Centre Pompidou, Paris. Masterpieces? considers the notion of masterpiece, past, present and future. The exhibition will end 25.10.10.
the impressing architecture of the centre

mirrored ceiling

Henri Matisse wall....

Ben´s shop from Nice...

...and detail from the wall

Jul 16, 2010


Last summer, on our way to Croatia, we had a stopover in the capital of Slovenia. So charming and cheap and very easy to get around in. Perfect city to spend a couple of days in.....

there were an art festival when we were there...

Jul 14, 2010

I wish...

..I had some space in my car when I found these old and beautiful bottles on a market in Ljubljana....
It was on my search for some inspiration to redecorate a living room, that I by chance found the site of Jessica Helgerson Design. I like how she use the bottles in different combinations in her decorations. 

Well, next time I´m there, I will for sure find a space between footballs, bodyboards and other holiday items...

Jul 13, 2010

Katie Melua

My husband and I where lucky to get tickets to Katie Melua yesterday at Abbey Neumunster. She is so sweet and tiny so we where a bit surprised when she really started to rock on stage. Had a super night and compared to last year concert (Joss Stone) we didn´t use our raincoats...
Not the best picture, but I like the colours

Jul 11, 2010

35 C

We just have to enjoy these warm and lazy days as much as we can. I prefer to sit and read in the shadow or cool down in the pool....

Jul 10, 2010


There has been a lot of wining and dining lately, but my absolute favorite place to be when the weather is like this is Boos Café in Bridel. I spent my Friday evening there with some friends....

Jul 8, 2010

Windy ?

I picked these stones from a beach at Ile de Ré some time ago, only because they looked so nice with the holes in them. For a long time they have been
laying among the flowers for pure decorations. But since we often have a lot of wind in our garden/eating aera (and often sit outside for meals) I put a string in the holes and hang them on my tablecloth so it don´t blow away....