Apr 28, 2011

Tunis in April

For us Tunis was a nice experience, if you ignore the bad weather we had most of the time, the problems with the paperwork in the immigration, the language difficulties (before my french knowledge) and the corrupt police that stopped our cab driver and asked for money before he could drive us further, the unreliable trains...
 except for that, it was great!
We stayed just outside the capital in a nice "all inclusive" resort, on a long lovely beach. But since we like to explore new environments, we had a boat trip to Hammamet where we had the chance to see dolphins and where our daughter was the only one who was tough enough to jump into the sea with them. We went into the labyrinth of the Medina where we suddenly met a local that had worked as a chef in Norway for many years. He kindly took us to his favourite places which I am sure we would never have found by ourselves. We visited a carpet factory and managed to say NO THANK YOU to buying carpets but YES THANK YOU to some tea. We visited the magnificent village Sidi Bou Said and the ruins of Carthage. Had the chance to see the mosaics in the Bardo Museum and finally but not least, sipping french coffee on the very french Avenue de France.
All in all a very memorable holiday.
Hammamet and the dolphins 

On the roof and view over the Medina and the school of Coran

Sidi Bou Said

lovely door into the carpet store

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