May 11, 2010

On this grey day

I am quite glad that the weather "forced" me to stay inside today, and that I can't work in the garden (even though it is necessary). So today I decided that it is the bedroom that needs a facelift. I like to display my things, so this is how I do it.... (perhaps I should colour coordinate my "jewelry"?) 

The bathroom pegs are from Ikea.

 I bought myself two new pairs of sandals the other day, and now the problem is storage... So I think I need to "switch" around in my shoehelves (which comes from Ikea and which I just love). I would like to have one more of this wardrobe, but unfortunately there is no more space.

 When it comes to our bed, I really think I should do something more creative,  but what I don't now yet. Need to seriously think about that.... and perhaps I will post the transformation (if there will be one...)