Feb 14, 2010

3 in 1

I have to follow my roots, and in Scandinavia, Valentine, Mothers Day and Fastelaven (eng. Pancake Tuesday, fr. Mardi Gras) came on the same day. Even the snow came back this day:-(
So my husband was so kind to serve me coffee in bed this morning (with a heart, and he even didn't try to make it!)
And of course we had to follow the Norwegian tradition with "fastelavensboller", which is buns with whipped cream.
I send a thought to my mum and mother in law (håper dere har hatt en fin dag)


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  2. Åhh, de sågode ut!! Håper du/dere har hatt en fin dag:-) Klem fra søster

  3. Åhh, de sågode ut. Vi har også kost oss med masse boller i dag. Håper dagen har vært fin:-)
    Klem fra søster