Mar 19, 2010


Yet again we have a tense situation in the Middle-East. A few months ago we had an exciting roundtrip in Israel. We traveled with friends and local people so we felt quite safe, but of course you always have back in your head what can happen. Our trip started in Tel Aviv, Jaffa, Jerusalem through Palestine to Masada and the Dead Sea, along Jordan Valley to Golan Heights and ended up in Haifa. Some pictures I took along the way....
sunset over Tel Aviv
the wall
another wall (Palestine)
view from Masada over the Dead Sea and dessert
Dead Sea and Jordan
the Golan

..... and would I like to come back? I must admit that this must be the most interesting and exciting trip I ever have done. Not only because of the history and cultural point of view, but also for the climate, beaches, food, wine and shopping.

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