Mar 25, 2010


When it comes to decoration I admit christmas is my favourite time of year, but of course we must not forget easter. I can not stand all these cheap plastic decorations as chickens and easter bunnies that you can buy in supermarkets etc. No, when it comes to decoration I am more of a "nature"girl. I like earthy colours and materials from outside, like rocks, sand, twigs and flowers, and I like to do it simple. I also like old things that have a history, and things that my children have made. This is my definition of easter decor.....
a twig with a selection of eggs that my children have made
 (I need to be careful with them since my children are now over that handcraft phase)

a painted stone takes care of the napkins

an egg-cup painted of a 4 year-old, has now the function as fingersalt holder

a tin basket filled with eggs

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  1. Så fint dere har det! Synes jeg så et norsk flagg på det ene egget også:-)
    Har ikke fått vært så masse inne de siste to ukene, men nå er jobb prosjektet på Stord vel gjennomført. Så nå henger jeg med igjen.Klem