Feb 26, 2013

Chez Léa Linster

Had the pleasure to eat at Léa Linster on Saturday. My husband was in good mood an invited me to to this famous/fab restaurant in Luxembourg.
Last time I ate at a Michelin star restaurant was in Madrid several years ago, an experience that's hard to forget.
 So who can say no to a dinner like this? Not me!
The food was excellent (as expected) and the wine the same (expensive) but the best was the the hour after dinner when we had a private moment  with Léa herself. It was a very private meeting so I can't refer what happened and what was said, but a memorable meeting it was!
For those who don't know Léa Linster I can say she is the first and only women who's won the "Bocuse d'Or" and she is from Luxembourg.

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  1. I have eaten there before, too, and was thrilled when she came around and chatted with us at length. I was feeling guilty keeping her from other tables, but she was in no hurry. Her place is so lovely, and the food is terrific, too.