Dec 2, 2011

Dear all....

... I am back!!!
After a couple of weeks with a lot of work, parties to organize and a bit of a hard time (this is a bit personal though) I have my head over the water again.
But I can tell that we had to say good bye to a very good guy today, my daughters best friend and boyfriend for 2 and a half years. He is moving back to Canada after 3 years in Lux. And tomorrow I will say good bye to a beautiful Norwegian girl, she is going back to Norway.
 This is the hard life being an expat, people come and leave, but hopefully friends will stay in touch!
Even though I've had a bit of a hard time, I also had 
some golden moments,
 like girls lunch at Sensi, 
dinner at Ikki and Cercle Munster,
husband removing his "movember mustache" (hihi)
our son's 14th birthday 
(and my mothers 60th anniversary)

 as the high lights 
See you soon 
Have a nice weekend 

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