Jan 20, 2011

Rome in January

Lately my son has asked me if we please can go back to Rome. I know he has this as a topic at school these days, but I think that it's his addiction to his new Xbox game that is the real reason (is that bad?).... But for sure Rome is a city that you can visit many times and not get bored. So next time we go it will not be in January, because I would like to wear sandals. And we will be standing in the queue as long as it takes to get in to The Sistene Chapel. We will sit longer at Campo de Fiori to have a glass or two more of wine. And buy an extra large gelato at the ice cream bar opposite The Pantheon. Or do some seriouse shopping in the boutiques close to The Spanish Steps... or just walk the streets and soak in the atmosphere.
Ohhh, I wanna go back!

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